2015 Lucas Oil SoCal Champions


A total of 16 different Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series class champions were crowned for 2015. The SoCal 2015 Lucas Regional events were sponsored by Kartek.


The current Champ Luke Knupp again took the AM Ortega J1 Kart with 373 total points. Second in class was David Gasper with 333 total points.

Darren Hardesty Jr earned 372 points to win in the AMA Plastics Pro Buggy Regional SoCal Kartek class. Bud Ward was second with 341 points earned.

Bill Belansky won his championship in the Desert Buggy class with 317 points to Scott Wisdom’s 220.

Broc Dickerson won the Fuel Off-Road Wheels Pro Lite title with 321 points over Cory Winner’s 299.

In the GMX Unlimited UTV class Kayla Smith took home the Championship with 369 points over Danielle Weatherly who earned 300 points.

J2 Kart Champions is Mia Chapman who totaled 340 points over Connor Barry’s 318.

McKenzie’s Limited Buggy Champion is Broc Dickerson with 349 points and second was Kyle Knott with 291 points.

Mickey Thompson Mini Stock Champion is Ryan Schank after having earned eight more points that Jason Milligan (339-331).

Brent Fouch won the Mini Lite title over Evan Holder (164-105).

Mini Open class Champion is Biker Sherlock with 368 points to Nick Schons 339.

Open V8 Championship was earned by Erik Jacobus totaling 270 over second place Gary Zweifel’s 250.

Todd Cunningham won the Pac racing Springs Pro Open with 211 points over Erick Jacobus’s 165.

Cody Rahders won the Production 1000 title with 322 points over Tommy Scranton who earned 290 points.

Titan Electric Modified Kart Champions Hailie Deegan earned 341 points over Trevor Briska’s 318.

Jake Shirey won the Walker Evans Racing RZR title by six points over Kyle Aarup (356-350).

Cory Weller remained the Weller Racing Sr1 Champion after earning 361 points on the season over Bryan McCormick’s 313 points.



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