GBC Double header

It never rains in Southern California, so the song goes but when it does it pours. So to make up for last months rained out GBC UTV/Quad/Trophy Kart Short Course Series event at Glen Helen Raceway GBC held a double header April 29-30. Event sponsor GBC Performance tires is part of Greenball Corporation providing a wide range of tire sizes and treads to the recreation and farming markets. The next event is scheduled May 20.


Michael Scafuto JR 1 Kart winner

JR 1 Trophy Kart on Saturday was a Scafuto family battle as Michael Scafuto took the first moto win then when round two came out it was Penelope Scafuto crossing over ahead of Michael. Michael Scafuto would repeat his winning ways on Sunday with Penelope second.


Double-class winner Desiree De La Cruz

Desiree De La Cruz was the lone entry in UTV 170-250 8-14 Yrs entry. Desiree De La Cruz was also in the UTV 170 6-12 Yrs class and was able to dominate Barron Daniel in both motos. Ean Corona was third in both motos in the class of seven entries. On Sunday the race ended in the same running order.


Aiden Coots had a good day racing Saturday having taken both moto wins in the UTV 170 9-12 Yrs Beg class. Grace Shelton finished second in the first moto then was third in moto two behind Jaxon Cotter. The three finished in that order on Sunday as well.


Eleven entries came out Saturday for the UTV Prod NA 1000 race. Both events were won buy Chase Mankin who first had to fend off Megan Mitchell and then in the next race held off Cruz Birchard. Brian Ferrell was third in moto one and Jacob Scheidecker third in moto two. Cruz Birchard was the dominant racer on Sunday taking both moto wins over Jacob Scheidecker. Megan Mitchell was third.


Ande Tomei was the lone UTV Prod Turbo 1000 entry.


UTV Sportsman Open class had four entries and Nolan Bishop ended the day taking wins in both motos. Bishop first had battled with Jesse Johnson in second then in moto two held off Karsyn Ferrell for the win. Ferrell was third in moto one and Johnson third in moto two. Karsyn Ferrell did everything right on the following day and took repeat moto wins. Nolan Bishop was second and Kaleb Montes third.


On Sunday the UTC Stock class had four entries with only two finishing. Aadan Aguilar easily took the wins over Homer Eubanks in both motos.


Daniel Dominguez took home repeat wins in the UTV Youth 170 6-8 Beg class after holding off Cailee Scherer in both races. Aaron Aguilar was third in both motos. Daniel Dominguez took the first moto win over Aaron Aguilar then DNF moto two when Aguilar took the win.


Baron Daniel topped the UTV Youth Stock 170 class by taking repeat wins on the day. Grace Shelton was second and Ean Corona third. Sunday’s finishing order was the same.



Zaine Flagg won the UTV 250 event.
In the Quad 250 class, there were two entries. Zaine Flaggen led the day taking both wins as Connor Hastings had trouble getting started in moto one. Zaine again grabbed the early lead in moto two taking the win. Connor Hastings took the moto one Sunday event win but had Flagg see the checkers first in moto two.


There were three entries lined up for the Quad 30+ all-event on Saturday. In moto one Vallen Harris was able to hold off Mathew Toledo for the win and Pete Garcia was third. In moto two Garcia got the jump at the start and was able to hold the lead for the moto win with Harris taking second. With Harris going 1-2 on the day, he earned the overall. Mathew Toledo was third for the day. On Sunday Harris could do no wrong and took both moto wins over Toledo.


Kai Herrmann took repeat wins from Grant Hastings in the Quad 90cc event. The winning order changed on Sunday as Hastings took the checkers in both motos over Herrmann. Jasper Hill was third.


The Quad Beg class saw a good battle between John Flagg and Jesse Cortez as in the first moto it was Flagg taking the win then in the second moto Cortez took the win overall. In Sunday’s event, Cortez could do no wrong and took both motos wins over Flagg.


A total of five Quad Experts were entered but as the day went by it was Gilbert Flores taking both moto wins over Anthony Baxter. Devin Vestal was third in moto one and Cody Roberts was third in the following race. Austin Baxter dominated the event on Sunday taking both wins. Kyle Moore was second in both motos. Cody Roberts had repeat third-place finishes.


Zachary Yarbough was the lone Quad Int entry on Saturday but had a challenger on Sunday. Mason Delgatto would take both moto wins with Yarbrough second.


Susan Baxter took home top honors in the Quad 250 Novice class.
Susan Baxter dominated the Quad Novice class taking both moto wins over Carly Vestal on Saturday. Howard Tresville was third in moto one but DNF moto two. Susan Baxter came on strong Sunday with repeat wins over Jessica Hill. Carly Vestal was third.






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