BITD to race at KOH

12/21/2022 Following is the text from Bryan Folks video talking about the addition of King of the Hammers race for BITD points:


Hello everyone, Bryan Folks with Best In the Desert. We have an announcement to make. Thank you for taking time out of your day to tune in.  

Best In The Desert 2023 race schedule will include King of the Hammers.  

This event will only include cars, trucks, and UTVs. No motorcycles or ATVs.

Obviously, this decision is due in part to the cancellation of the Parker events.  Immediately following our announcement last Tuesday, Dave Cole reached out to me and we began to discuss the opportunity to bringing Best In The Desert to King of the Hammers.

Best In The Desert feels this is the best step forward for our racers, and the off-road racing community as a whole. Obviously, there are many details to be worked out. Racer registration, rules implementation, tech inspection, course markings, etc., etc.

We are currently working with Dave Cole and his staff to finalize all these details.

Our Golden State 250 will stay on the schedule. However, we understand that the racers need more prep time between races.

Therefore, we have decided to move the date from February 17th to February 25th. We are working on a great course, and have a team out there working on it right now, and we’re looking forward to a really great event in Cal City.

Best In The Desert’s series in 2023 does have a throw-away race. 

According to Best In The Desert rules, in order to be a championship contender, you must start all events. However, we understand that this is asking a lot from our racers, given the fact that we have schedule changes here, as of recent.

Therefore, we are going to allow either King of the Hammers, or the Golden State 250 to be a throwaway race that you do not have to start.

I will repeat that. King of the Hammers, or the Golden State 250 can be a throwaway race that you do not have to start.

Again, thank you for tuning in to this announcement. Stay tuned for updates through our social media, and on our web page with regards to King of the Hammers and how we will operate.

In closing, the Best In The Desert family wishes you and your family a very, very Merry Christmas.






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