Drag Racer takes on Short Course


Cory McClenathan spent 25 years working to become one of the best Top Fuel dragster drivers in the National Hot Rod Association. In 2016 and heading into 2017 you will find McClenathan behind the wheel of #66 ProLite in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series regional competition as a novice.

Being a novice is really different for someone that was the first to go 320 miles per hour in a quarter mile, first to go down the quarter-mile track in less than 4.8 seconds, and has earned 34 Top Fuel victories on his resume.

McClenathan said, “I’ve always just thought man, these (Off road trucks) are awesome.” Having a long time friendship with Fabtech owner Dave Winner, McClenathan kept talking to Dave until he finally said alright, the spare truck is up and running if you really want to try this. So McClenathan got geared up and said he found out he had a lot to learn. “I’ve turned this thing over, I’ve rolled, I’ve flipped it and I’ve caught it on fire already. Everybody was cracking up. It was like well, it’s not for lack of trying, but oh man… This has been the hardest learning curve of anything I’ve ever driven, by far.”

McClenathan will begin his second full season of racing in 2017 with Fabtech and teammate Cory Winner in the Lucas Oil California Regional Series.



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