E Street round 4

Story by Ian McAdam

Round 4 for the Estreet MX Park Short Course series was for sure a wild one! With a lot of other racing going on yesterday, the people still came out in numbers with down to the wire racing in what seemed to be in every class! Round 5 of the Estreet MX Park Short Course series presented by, Myers Construction Services, Rugged Radios, Bud’s Sky Cam, and Davis Motorsports will be September 17th with the finale being a full weekend of racing, October 15-16 being rounds 6 and 7. Stay tuned as well for more details regarding our end of the year awards banquet with the date set for November 5th. Here is how it all went down.

170 Stock- Maddix Leal claimed he was just the kid from Escalon who came to win and he did just that! Winning both heat races, and the main event, by a crazy margin. Rylee Smallwood one of the hardest working young ladies in offroad racing showed the 300-400 laps a week she does on her ranch are paying off in dividends with the second place in the main event! ”Style For Miles” Anderson Porter rounded out the main event in 3rd, impressive run for the young man who came back from 2 nasty wrecks in both of his cars needing 2 complete frame swaps.

170 Stock-

1st- Maddix Leal

2nd- Rylee Smallwood

3rd- Anderson Porter

Quads- With the turnout for the quad class growing bigger every race, quad racers in Northern California know that Estreet MX Park IS THE PLACE. First two heat races were DOMINATED by the pink and white Oroville Cycle backed entry of the #1 of Garrett Gramps. Chasing him in both heats trying to find every bit of speed he could was the #18 of Nathan Harvey. But things changed once the main event was off and running. Gramps had an amazing run and looked like he was going to clean sweep the day when all of the sudden, he was off the pace. Something in his transmission decided it didn’t want to work anymore and that ended his day. Nathan Harvey capitalized upon this and was so far ahead it was just him and the sound of his YFZ450. Meanwhile in the main event Matthew Del Nero and Nate Teeple both worked their way to second and 3rd then settled in for the final few laps. With the Quad A class being the fastest growing class in our series, who knows what will happen at round 5.

Quad A-

1st Nathan Harvey

2nd Matthew Del Nero

3rd Nate Teeple

Quad B

1st Kamren Davis

170 Mod/ Jr2

With the absence of the Gradek Brothers, Megan Starr took this opportunity to use her track time to get some practice for some upcoming big races for her, and we wish the Phase 5 weapon systems #428 the best of luck! With the 170 Mod class, this was one of the most entertaining races of the day. Maddix Leal in his stock class car ran away with both heat races and Rylee Smallwood did everything she could to catch Maddix. Meanwhile Anderson Porter in the mini trent fab ultra 4 car, lurked in 3rd place waiting to strike. Main event time Anderson out of what seemed like no were was running away with the race until he lost a drive chain. Rylee Smallwood capitalized upon his mechanical issue and jumped to the lead driving as defensively as she possibly could keeping Maddix Leal behind her. On the podium Maddix claimed he let Rylee win. The verdict is still out on that one. This was Rylees first win!

170 Mod-

1st Rylee Smallwood

2nd Maddix Leal

3rd Anderson Porter

1000 Sportsmen-

This division has been some of the best racing since the inception of the Estreet MX Park Short Course series, and this was NO exception. Buck Heyrend swept both heats and the main in the #36 RS1 while in the main event, it was all about the #502 of Brendon Cook aboard a RZR 900 that was top of the line equipment in 2012 mixing things up with Brian Hood and Scott Melville. Cook in the main event was metaphorically fist fighting with Brian Hood and found his way into Second, and then mechanical issues dropped him off the pace, while Brian Hood had a lower control arm that decided it didn’t want to work any longer and disconnected itself from his car. Scott Melville ran his way up into second place and that was the tale of the race.

1000 sportsmen

1st Buck Heyrend

2nd Scott Melville

3rd Brendon Cook

1000 pro-

With $5000 on the line for a series end purse brought to you by CGR Cole Gamma Racing, the pros came out to race! This also being the story of rental cars as Cody Myers was behind the wheel of the borrowed #342 of Jesse Van Roekel, and “The White Claw Warrior” Ian Murray made an appearance attempting to help the #22 of Justin Radford maintain his spot in points. On top of all of this the #27 of Tyler Shade made his return after a ration of mechanical issues and found himself on the podium. Some of the fastest kids in the pro class really gave Cody Myers a run for his money and he earned his second place while Cole Gamma found his way into clean air and ran away with the main event!

1000 Pro-

1st Cole Gamma

2nd Cody Myers

3rd Tyler Shade

1000 Turbo Sportsmen and Pro were ran in the same race both being duels, but the action was still un real! On the Pro Turbo Side, with a series end purse of $5000 brought to you by Myers Construction Services and Estreet MX Park, the pro turbo class has been nothing short of entertaining all year long. Round 4 was all about the #3 Myers Cosntruction Services backed Can Am of Mason Myers and the return of the #92 of Cody Minter. Minter in heat race competition appeared to really have Myers behind him, but with a mechanical issue in one heat and a flop in another. He showed he was pushing the limits to have Mason. Once the main event came around Minters luck did indeed run out again, while Mason Myers got on top of the box with the race win.

Sportsmen appeared to be 2 identical Can Am X3s piloted by the #55 of Hunter Golden and the #913 of Kevyn Rivera. Rivera and Golden stayed stuck together the entire day trading positions like they were Pogs in the 90s. Golden came out as the main event winner.

1000 Pro Turbo

1st Mason Myers

2nd Cody Minter

1000 Turbo Sportsmen

1st Hunter Golden

2nd Kevyn Rivera

Our final race of the day, was nothing short of the grand finale. During our first season of short course competition, our final race had a women’s all star race, that was action packed from the green, to the black and the white. To step that up, this year we have made it a Women’s Triple Crown! Rounds 4,5 and 7 of the series making up the big 3. With the wives of the Myers Brothers and Gia Gamma being in attendance, these ladies hopped in some race cars and went out to see who had the fastest car, or the best hair, or something like that. Shyanah Myers in HER #3 Can Am came out as your winner with Morgan Myers taking second and Gia Gamma hopping in her brothers RS1 and rounding out the podium.

That’s all for now, join us. September 17th for Round 5 and Round 2 of the Women’s Triple Crown. Once again a big thank you to our presenting sponsors, Davis Motorsports, Buds’ Sky Cam, Rugged Radios, and Myers Construction Services.



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