GAS Series night racing

Rounds five and six of the Optima Battery “The Ultimate Power source” Great American Shortcourse GAS series was held July 9-10 at Victorville, CA at SBC Fairgrounds. With ambient temperatures nearly hitting the century mark round five was held Saturday night under the lights. The decision to hold a night race packed the grandstands and the only thing heating fans was the intense racing taking place on track. Round six followed early Sunday morning with all the main events finishing before the heat peaked. A total of five separate classes has repeat winners; Pro Lite, Turbo UTV, Mod Kart, Limited Buggy and RZR 170. Rounds 7 & 8 are set Oct 1-2 at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, Ca.

In Pro 2 action Myan Spaccarelli was able to set a pace that Mason McCarthy couldn’t; match on Saturday night. Spaccarelli took the green and headed straight for the checkers with McCarthy finishing second and Brock Hanmer third. In the daylight McCarthy showed the field the fastest way to the finish line. This time it was Spaccarelli trailing second and Hanmer was third.

Robby Hornsby dominated Pro Lite racing.
Max Pinto had a little trouble with turn four while running third. More phots below.

The Pro Lite race Saturday night Robby Hornsby jumped out early with Maximillian Pinto second and Carson Etter third. Early on Etter moved into second and held the position until lap five when Kyle Knott got by and started his charge towards the front. At the checkers Knott would have to settle for second as Hornsby had crossed under first. In third was Carson Etter. Sunday again saw Robby Hornsby dominate the class but Kyle Knott was able to stay within striking distance to keep Hornsby honest. Max Pinto had been running third but dropped out with two to go after a spectacular crash in turn four so Ryan Brueckner grabbed the final podium spot.

Matt Brister won Sunday’s Pro Buggy event after dropping out of the lead in Round 5 with a flat.

Matt Brister had one of those “That’s racing” moments Saturday night. Brister took off from the green and looked to be the winner until a right rear flat with only two laps to go handed the win over to Zachary Drapkin. Drapkin had been trailing Brister from the start. Lorenzo Bonacci was third until getting the second spot handed to him. Gunner Kennedy finished third. Sunday afternoon Matt Brister again jumped out front and this time he had Zachary Drapkin trailing close enough waiting for another flat or error of Brister. The error would not happen and Brister took the win with Drapkin second. The battle for third was won by Jaden Uribe.

Cody Hodgson won Sunday after placing second to Cody Gamma Saturday.

Round five saw Cole Gamma take charge of the Production 1000 UTV race. Gamma hit his marks lap after lap with a hard charging Cody Hodgson within striking distance the whole race. Close was not good enough as Gamma crossed under the checkers first with Hodgson second. Also keeping close enough should anything happen to the front two was Connor Barry who was third. The Sunday race was similar to the previous night race except this time it was Cody Hodgson out front with Gamma applying pressure. But like Gamma the night before, Hodgson hit his marks without any errors to take the win. Cole Gamma was second and Connor Barry had managed to get past George Llamosas for the final spot on the podium.

Talan Martin won both Mod Kart events.

Modified Kart racing on Saturday night could have been renamed the Martin event. Talan Martin grabbed the lead early and just a few laps later Cade Martin slipped into second. Brodie Martin had third but then had Ryhan Denney get past. A lap later though Brodie would retake the third spot. Filling out the podium was Talan, Cade and Codie Martin. On Sunday it was almost another Martin take all if it hadn’t been for Dane Culver. Culver held the lead the first nine of 12 laps before Talan Martin got past. Brodie Martin had made his move into third and Cade Martin was fourth.

Carson Smith was dominate in Limited 1600 action.

 Shane Prescott seemed to have control of the Limited 1600 buggy event at the start of Saturday’s race but drifted wide in turn one allowing Carson Smith to get by. Prescott would hold second for several laps but Travis Howard, coming from sixth, passed him. Shawn Jones was another to get by to take third. Once out front Prescott flew under the checkers with Howard second and Jones finishing third. At Sunday’s start Shane Prescott jumped out front but saw Carson Smith take control on lap three. Smith then was set for victory. Shane Prescott crossed over second and Travis Howard third.

Robb Orr took the Sunday Mini Truck win.

In Mini Open truck racing Anthony Csuzi had little trouble taking the checkers on Saturday. Csuzi jumped ahead at the green and maneuvered his way to victory. Taking second was Brent Veenstra who had ran most of the race in fourth before slipping into second with just two laps to go. Ryder Palmer was consistent holding onto third lap after lap. On Sunday Csuzi didn’t fair as well. Brent Veenstra jumped out early with Rob Orr in second. Orr would have to trail Veenstra for seven of the 10 lap race before getting into the lead. Once out front he circumvented the remaining laps to take the checkers first. Veenstra crossed over second and Ryder Palmer third. Last nights winner Csuzi had pulled off on lap four.

Luke Berry won Saturday’s Ortegas JR 1 Kart event.

AM Ortega Jr 1 Kart race provided plenty of action. A three way battle ensued up front with Brody Glaze, Brixton Wirt and Luke Berry. Luke Berry jumped out early but had the lead taken on lap three by Chase Berry, who would loose his position a couple of laps later when Brody Glaze got past. With two laps to go in the 10 lap race Luke Berry fought his way back to the front. So crossing under the checkers it was Luke Berry first, Brody Glaze second and Brrixton Glaze third. As racing got underway Sunday Luke Berry led the pack with Chase Berry second and Brixton Wirt third. The order stayed the same lap after lap until lap seven. Luke Berry was shuffled back to fourth place and Brixton Wirt took over the lead with Samuel Gibbs third. Those three would remain in that order at the finish.

Bryson Benites went 1-2 in the JR 2 Kart races.

The first JR 2 Kart race saw Bryson Benites take off from the green and head straight for the checkers. Ashton Williams had started eight but was able to work into second place on the final lap. Mike Childress rode around the track in second all race until Williams took over the position. In round six Childress took off early for the eventual win. Bryson Benites traveled in third for seven laps before making his way around Williams for second. Williams held on for third.

#158 Declan Shields went on to win both Accredited Labs RZR 170 events.

A total of 13 Accredited Labs RZR 170 took course on Saturday. Aadan Aguilar jumped out the early leader but would see Declan Shields take over on lap three. Aguilar held the second spot until the last lap when Ian Torfi pulled ahead. Those three finished in order, Shields, Torfi and Aguilar. On Sunday Ian Torfi was the early leader but Jake Hill took the position on lap two. Hill would hold the lead until lap eight when last nights winner Declan Shields took over. Hill would be moved to third on the final lap as Ian Torfi took over second. Hill crossed over third.

Max Pinto pushed a little to hard while running third.

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