GBC 2023 season Opener

The 2023 opening round of the GBC UTV/Quad/Trophy Kart Short Course Series was held at Glen Helen Raceway on Jan 28, 2023. The racers and fans enjoyed nice weather covering the short course truck track which was again designed by Gary Jones. Jones added in some extra obstacles on the newly designed track but was made capable for all ages and skill levels. Event sponsor GBC Performance tires are part of Greenball Corporation providing a wide range of tire sizes and treads to the recreation and farming markets. The next event is scheduled for Feb 18.


UTV Prod NA 1000 was mastered by Syd Woods

To start the day off the UTV Prod NA 1000 was mastered by Syd Woods having taken both moto wins. Ryan Sampson kept Woods busy lap-after-lap in both motos but had to settle for the runner-up spot in both. The only UTV Prod Turbo 1000 car ran with the NA 1000 cars and would take third overall in both races even after rolling on the start in moto two. Also combined with the NA and Turbo classes was the UTV Open which saw Karsyn Ferrell take the overall having gone 2-1 on the day. Second overall was Wyatt Matlock who won moto one but had trouble in moto two, dropping to fourth.  Kaleb Montes earned third having put in a 4-2 set of results.


UTV 170-250cc 8-14 Yrs saw Landon Morrow take wins in both motos.

The second race of the event was UTV 170-250cc 8-14 Yrs. That event saw Landon Morrow take wins in both motos. Clayton Matlock was consistently earning second overall with his 2-2 results. Desiree De La Cruz earned third overall with repeat third finishing positions. In the UTV Youth 170 6-8 Beg class Daniel Dominguez went home with repeat wins on the day. Second, in both motos was Cailee Scherer.


Devin Vestal was the lone Quad Expert

Race three was action-packed as the Quad 250 riders provided some back-and-forth position action. When the checkers came out it was Connor Hastings earning the overall with his 2-1 results. A close second was Cameron Urias who went 1-3 for the day. Zaine Flagg was third going 3-2 for the day. Quad 30+ All saw Pete Garcia as the lone entry so earning wins in both motos. Also on course in race three was the Quad Beg which saw John Flagg take repeat wins over Jesse Cortez. Devin Vestal was the lone Quad Expert. Daniel Perez took home repeat wins in the Quad Novice class over Carly Vestal.


Race four was a field of seven cars, one being the lone UTV 800-900 Open piloted by Evan Sterling. The other entries were UTV Stock participants. Brian Ferrell finished the day winning both of those motos and Ryan Sampson was second in both races to earn second overall. Finishing fourth in both motos earned Waylon Schweizer third overall.


UTV 170cc 6-12 Yrs Nov pilot Desiree De La Cruz kept out front to take wins in both motos.

Race five had the UTV 170cc 6-12 Yrs Nov and Beg to share the track. In the Nov division, Desiree De La Cruz kept out front to take wins in both motos. Barron Daniel scored repeat seconds and Ryland Gaughan had a pair of thirds. Jaxon Cotter was the lone beginner.


Winning the Quad 90cc class with repeat wins was Grant Hastings.

The mighty minis came out for race six. Winning the Quad 90cc class with repeat wins Grant Hastings. Mateo Munoz earned repeat seconds for second overall and Jesse Cortez was third in moto one but took a hard get-off in moto two and DNF.


Race seven was the UTV Youth Stock 170 class with four entries. Ryland Gaughan took home wins in both motos. Second, on the day was Baron Daniel with repeat runner-up positions. Daniel Dominguez was third.


The final race of the day combined the JR 1 Trophy Karts and MOD Trophy Karts. Dane Culver was the lone MOD Trophy Kart entry and Cooper McClellan was the lone JR 1 Trophy Kart entry.

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