GBC at Glen Helen

Any day short course racing is a true treat and Round 4 of the GBC UTV/Quad/Trophy Kart Short Course Series was no exception. The event was held April 23 on the Lucas Oil truck track at Glen Helen Raceway and the 84 entries provided fans with continued action. As it turned out even Mother Nature was in agreement as she provided a nice moist base for the track the night before. The next GBC sponsored event is set May 7 to be again held at Glen Helen Raceway.

Chase Carr took repeat wins in the UTV Prod 1000 races
One of the more hotly contested classes in the series is the UTV Prod NA 1000 event. After four events Erik Jacobus leads Joe Collinsworth (66-65). However at this event Chase Carr, now 11 points off Jacobus, proved to be a thorn in both their sides as he jumped out early in the first moto to take that win. In the second moto it appeared Collinsworth had the checkers but Carr was able to slip inside entering the final S-turn to steal the victory. Collinsworth finished second both races and Brock Hammer was third in both. Point’s leader Jacobus was fourth both motos.

Megan Mitchell is holding an eight point lead over Cash Morris in the UTV Stock class. In moto one Mitchell held a comfortable lead most of the race but with two to go Norris made his way around to take the moto win. In moto two Norris grabbed the early lead but Mitchell slipped past and headed straight to the checkers. Morris would hold on for second. Tucker Clabaugh was third both races.

Jacob Williamson is dominating the UTV 170-250cc 8-14 YRS class
Jacob Williamson has control of the UTV 170-250cc 8-14 YRS class with a 28 point lead over Hudson Nicot. At this event Williamson continued his dominance with repeat wins over Ruder Barnaby in both races. Samuel Gibbs would finish the day third overall with 4-3 results while Nicot was 3-4.

The UTV 170cc 9-12 YRS BEG class series battle is close with only one point separating Hudson Nicot leading Desiree De La Cruz (86-85). Still in the battle is Jasson Baer with 83 point earned. In fact Baer put in repeat wins that saw the points leaders being inconsistent on the day. De La Cruz had a 2-5 race results while Nicot went 3-3. Samuel Gibbs was 4-2 on Saturday.

Brianna Walton leads the UTV Youth 170 6-8 BEG class by four points over Aiden Coots. In this race Coots was able to close that gap by winning both motos with Walton taking second in both races. Cyle Copenhaver was third in both.

Repeat JR2 Trophy Kart wins for Charlie Carty
Charlie Carty has a 10 point lead in the JR 2 Trophy Kart class over Kylee Collinsworth. At this event Carty would continue his dominance by first winning over Kylee Collinsworth. In the second moto it was Chris Collinsworth taking second to Carty.

In Quad Exp racing Joshua Picos is the current points leader with (85-82) over Tyler Faltinesky. In moto one Ralph Rodriguez upset the two by taking the win with Glibert Flores second, Picos was third and Faltinesky fourth. The two points leaders turned moto two to their favor as Picos took the win with Faltinesky second and Rodriguez third. Running with the Experts was Quad 30+ All and Vallen Harris has been consistent to earn a 49 point advantage over Pete Garcia. At Round 4 Harris continued his dominance with repeat wins over Hector Urias with Garcia not racing.

Quad INT has Devin Vestal leading the class with 84 points and Lance Lewis is second with 76. The two found they had plenty of competition during Round 4 as Alan Witherell took moto one win with Randy Faltinosky second and Vestal third. Round two didn’t turn out much better for the leaders as Faltinosky won the event with Vestal second and Tristan Baker third. At the end of the day Lewis had gone 5-4. Having raced only two events Faltinosky sets in fourth overall 47 points off the leader.

Quad Novice points leader Jessie Sanchez
There is a close battle for Quad Novice points as Jessie Sanchez leads Alejandro Gonzales 65-63). When racing Saturday, fourth place overall, Zachary Yarbrough let the two know he was still in the battle. In moto one Yarbrough trialed Sanchez crossing under the checkers. In moto two Yarbrough would take the win with Armando Reyes second and Sanchez third. Alejandro Gonzales went fourth then DNF.

Carly Vestal has moved into the points lead of the Quad BEG class earning 91 over 75 for Susan Baxter after Baxter, having dominated so far, did not race the event.

Quad 250 points leader is Zaine Flagg holding a 20 point led over Connor Hastings. In Round 4 Flagg took both moto wins with Hastings second and Braden Chase third.

Connor Hastings, having won three of the four races, holds an 11 point lead over Zaine Flagg in the Quad 90cc class. At Saturday’s event it was all Hastings as he won both motos with Madelyn Copenhaver second both races, with Flagg third in both.

Repeat Quad 70cc wins for Cadence Copenhaver
After four rounds of the series completed Jasper Hill leads the Quad 70cc series with a 13 point lead over Ethan Witherell. At Saturday’s event it was third overall Cadence Copenhaver that dominated the race by winning both motos. At the end of the day it was Witherell second and Hill third in both motos.

Cyle Copenhaver was the lone Quad 50cc racer and leads the series.

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