GBC Final at Glen Helen

The GBC Stadium Short Course Series closed out the 2021 season Dec 4 at Glen Helen Raceway. The 10 Round race series is sponsored by GBC Powersport Tires which is part of the Greenball, Kanati and Centennial business group.
The UTV/Quad/ATV Stadium Short Course series delivered non-stop racing action from 100 racers entered in 22 classes with all levels of ability. Even though it was the final event with championships on the line the family atmosphere made for a fun event.
End of year championship awards were awarded after the event.
Charlie Carty, 2021 Class Champion, made a clean sweep of the JR 2 Trophy Kart class while Kylee Collinsworth was second after placing 3rd in the first round then taking second in moto 2. Zak Brueckner went 3-2 on the day for third.
Dane Culver, 2021 Class Champion, and Travis Jones made up the Mod Trophy Kart class with Culver winning both motos.
In the Quad 250 class there were eight entries with Mason Delgatto taking both moto wins. Zachary Yarbrough, 2021 Class Champion, was second and Billy Porter third in both motos.
Vallen Jarris, 2021 Class Champion, topped both Quad 30+ All motos with Hector Urias second in moto one dropping to third in moto two which gave Scott Melville second overall when he paced second in moto 2.
Emmy Engle won both Quad 50cc motos with Jasper Lee Hill second and Cyle Copenhaver third. Jasper Hill won the championship.
Ethan Witherell won the 2021 Quad 70cc Championship.
There were eight entries in the Quad 90cc event that saw Connor Hastings win both motos. Zaine Flagg, this year’s class champion, was second with 2-3 results while Madelyn Copenhaver finished third with her 4-4 results.
Roy Bloodwoed dominated the Quad Exp class while Marc Craighead finished second. Kory Ellis was DNF both motos but had earned enough points to win the class Championship.
Mason Delgatto earned first Quad INT with his 1-2 results. Tyler Faltinesky was second with his 4-1 showing. Sean Shedlarski was consistent with his 3-3 results. Brian Dunstan ws crowned this year’s Class Champion.
Six riders entered in the Quad Novice event that saw Tristan Baker, Class Champion, win both motos. Ian Bullock was second finishing 2-3 in the races. Rob Parsons earned third overall with his 5-2 finishes.
Nixon Nagel went 1-2 on the day to earn the UTV 170-250cc 8-14 Yrs overall and be crowned class Champion. Karsyn Ferrell was second with 2-3 finishes and Kaiden Johnson was third with his 5-1 results.
In the UTV 170cc 6-12 Yrs Nov event Jacob Williamson, Landon Morrow and Ryder Barnaby finished both motos in the order. Jacob Williamson earned the 2021 Class Championship.
A total of eight racers entered the UTV 170cc 9-12 Yrs Beg class that ended with Jameson Froman taking the overall with 2-1 results. Second was Karsyn Ferrell going 1-3 on the day and Jaxon Ebberts was third after finishing 3-2 in the motos. Karsyn Ferrell is the 2021 Class Champion.
Chase Mankin topped the filed of 14 UTV Prod NA 1000 class with his 2-1 results. Paxton Schendel was second after finishing 3-2 on the day. Joe Collinsworth earned third with his 4-3 finishes.
Dion Delgato won the UTV Sportsman Open after winning moto one then second in moto two. Mason Delgato ws second with his 2-3 finishes. Abby Keyes was third after DNF moto one then winning moto two. Nathan Quella was named the 2021 class Championship. Paxton Schendel was named 2021 class Champion.
There were 13 UTV Stock racers that saw Chase Mankin win both motos. Megan Mitchell, 2021 class Champion, earned second overall with her 3-2 results and Gavin McNamara was third after finishing 5-3 on the day.
Nixon Nagel, 2021 class Champion, won both UTV Youth 170 6-8 Beg class motos. Brianna Walton was second overall with her 2-3 results and Emmy Engle finished third with her 5-2 finishes.
Desiree De La Cruz won the UTV Youth Stock 170 event by winning both motos. Emmy Engle was second with 2-2 effort and Jason Baer third overall with his 4-3 results. Ryland Gaughan was named 2021 class Champion.

Those taking single class entry wins were:
Jr 1 Trophy Kart Brody Glaze, also class champion
Quad Beg Owin Flagg. Chris Hawkins won the 2021 class Championship.
570 Open Paxton Schendel and 2021 class Champion.
UTV 800-900 Open Ryan Prosser. Madi Stroschein earned the 2021 class Championship.
UTV Prod Turbo 1000 Ricjy Rogers and 2021 class Champion.
UTV Stock Turbo Ryan Prosser and 2021 class Championship.

Glen Helen Raceway 18585 Verdemont Ranch Rd San Bernardino, CA 92407.
GBC Powersport Tires 800 946 9412.

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