GBC racers ignore the heat

It was scorching, but the racers went to Glen Helen Raceway for the GBC Powersports Tires UTV/Quad/Trophy Kart Short Course event on June 22-23. At this event, a class of desert racers also came out to test their skills at short course racing. The two-day event was the last for the summer series with racing to fire back up when cooler weather arrives this November 9-10.

Kira Block was second Saturday but had repeat wins Sunday

Chase Carr proved unstoppable in the UTV Prod Turbo 1000 class having won both heats. Coming down from Park City UT in their CAN AM’s the Block kids, Mira, and Mika fought each other over second place with Kira holding off Mika in the first heat race. In the afternoon race Kira was able to keep pressure on Carr throughout the race but again had to settle for second. Mika Block was 3-3 on the day for third. On Sunday the two Block siblings took charge early with Mika Block jumping out as the early leader with yesterday’s winner Kira Block applying pressure. As the leader settled in he was able to pull some distance from Kira, probably thinking see ya in the pits. However with only two corners to go mechanical issues dropped Mika out of the win allowing Kira to motor by and see the checkers. Oliver Golding also drove past and Mika Block was third. In the second heat the three finished in that order.

Braydon Baker had repeat wins Saturday

There were eight signed up for the UTV Prod NA 1000 event that was dominated by Braydon Baker. In the first race, Baker distanced himself from Mason Cotter who came back stronger in the second race to pressure Baker but had to settle for second at the checkers. Cotter would earn second overall with his 2-2 results and Andrew Cotter was third on the day with 3-3 results. In the first race, Trevor Lee took the win over Ryan Bragdon. In the next race, Bragdon crossed over second but Lee was DQed giving Bragdon the overall. Bragdon was second on the day with three others DNF the event.

Mickey Childress overall winner of Youth 1000

Youth 1000 racing drew 11 entries on Saturday and when the checkers flew it was Mickey Childress taking the overall after finishing second to Jayden Manchester in round one. Manchester earned second overall with his 1-2 results. Kaleb Montes was third with a pair of thirds. Mikey Childress could do no wrong Sunday and ended the day with repeat wins. Travor Lee placed second on the day with 4-2 results and Kaleb Montes was third with 3-5 results.

Saturday UTV Youth 170 6-8 Beg winner Leo Torres

Leo Torres would end the day taking the top UTV Youth 170 6-8 BEG podium spot with 2-1 results. Tanner Hodge took the second overall spot with his 3-2 results. Race one winner Randy Rodriquez finished the day third with his 1-5 scoring. In the next round Mason Dulgerian took the checkers in the first race with Randy Rodriquez second and Collin Lee third. Rodriquez improved his placing next race with the win. Lee was second for second overall and Keegan Magno was third overall with 4-3 scores.

The UTV Sportsman Open winner was Kaleb Montes taking repeat wins over Damian Garcia. On Sunday the two traded positions which gave Garcia the overall with Montes second.

Brenna Goerke came down from Las Vegas and made her trip worth it with repeat wins in the UTV 170cc 9-12 YRS OLD class. Phillip Pinhero was second overall with a pair of deuces. Ryland Gaughan was listed third. The following day Ryland Gaughan made no mistakes in both races giving him the overall for the day. Yesterda’y winner Brenna Goerke was second overall with her 2-2 results. Phillip Pinhero went 3-3 for the day.

Luke Torres won Saturday UTV 170cc 6-12 Yrs Old

Luke Torres had to earn his overall UTV 170cc 6-12 YRS OLD after placing second in the first race to Jaxon Cotter. The two would switch positions in the following race giving Cotter second overall. Jagen Feldkamp was third. In Sunday’s race Dylan Llamosas came on strong with repeat wins on the day. Jagen Feldkamp was second and Like Torres was a DNF.

The UTV 170-250cc 8-14 YRS class drew six entries but at the end of the day it was Luke Torres taking the overall with repeat wins. Brenna Goerke earned second place on the podium with her 3-2 results. Daniel Dominguez earned third with 5-3 results. Daniel Dominguez came out strong on Sunday to win over Ryland Gaughan. Third was second moto winner and overall for the day Brenna Goerke with her 3-1 showing. Gaughan was second on the day with his 2-2 results and Daniel Dominguez third going 1-3 on the day.

The Quad Expert was Cody Roberts who went out and won both motos. Zachary Yarbrough was consistent with his 2-2 finishes for second overall. Devin Vestal was third (3-3). Mason Delgatto went 1-1 on Sunday to earn the overall. Second was Zachary Yarbrough who scored 2-2 and Devin Vestal was third with repeat third placing.

Vallen Harris was overall Quad 30+ winner

Vallen Harris had to battle with Larry Shields to earn the Quad 30+ All event as Shields won the first moto then Harris switched into his position in the next moto. The following day it was Harris out front taking repeat wins. Second on the day was Scott Melville finishing 2-2 and Hector Urias was third (3-3).

Quad 250 had a lone entry of Zaine Flagg both days.

Kevin Poch won Quad Novice both days

Quad Novice top podium spot went to Kevin Poch having placed 1-1 on the day. John Flagg was second with his 2-2 showing and Carson Soja was third. It was Poch again dominating on Sunday and Glagg was second.

Jasper Hill earned the overall Quad 90cc event with his 2-1 finishes. Kali Barker was second overall having won moto one then placing second to Hill the following race. Jack Amerio was third finishing 3-4 on the day.  Kali Barker was the dominator on Sunday by taking repeat wins. Nixon Mendez was second on the day with 2-3 results and Jasper Hill was third with 5-2 results.

Jameson Lieberg won both Quad 70cc events to earn top spot on the podium. Ryleigh Amerio went 2-2 for second and Kennedy Barker was third overall. On Sunday the three duplicated their efforts from Saturday.

Aspen Flores was the lone Quad 50cc rider.

There were five Odyssey’s entered on Saturday. Rusty Lindamood earned the overall with a pair of aces. Dallas Shaeffer took second on the day with a pair of deuces. Ralph Lindamood was third with his 4-3 results. Dallas Shaeffer had a better day Sunday taking the overall with 2-1 scores. Dennis Shaw was second with his 1-2 results.

Jack Judkins was the lone Motorcycle Nov entry.

Luke Dawson was the lone JR 2 Trophy Kart entry

The JR 1 Trophy Kart class had seven entries that saw Michael Scafuto take repeat wins on the day. Penelope Scafuto earned second with her 3-2 results. Emmy Veersta finished the day third with her 4-3 results. On Sunday it was again a Scafuto taking the win but this time it was Penelope going overall with her 2-1 results. Emmy Veersta was second overall with her 3-2 scores. Michael Scafuto earned third on the day with his 1-4 results.

There were six Desert Cars entered but none could beat the single seat driven by Karissa Veersta. Second was Brent Veersta with his pair of deuces. Daniel Rambert was third with 3-3 results. The Desert class grew by one the following day with seven lined up. Shaun Black was listed overall with Kyle Davis second and Caittlyn Gailey third.


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