GBC Round 6

Another great day of short course racing happened during Round 6 of the GBC UTV/Quad/Trophy Kart Short Course Series held June 25 on the Lucas Oil truck track at Glen Helen Raceway. The best of two moto format offered 19 separate classes with nearly 100 entries providing non stop racing action. An added benefit of racing the series is that racers running GBC tires in 2022 can earn GBC Bucks through their contingency program. The program is designed to reward ATV and SXS athletes who achieve racing success while using GBC tires and are redeemable for the purchase of GBC tires. For contingency information go online

The next GBC sponsored event is set September 17 at Glen Helen Raceway.

One of the largest classes was UTV Youth Stock 170 with 14 entries. In the first moto Jason Baer jumped out the early leader in the seven lap race. By the second lap Landon Morrow had taken over the lead and Ian Torfi moved to second. These two would pull clear of third place Baer. The front three remained in order to the checkers. When the green came out on moto two Landon Morrow took control early with Torfi second and Baer in third. The three remained in order until the last lap when what appeared a win for Morrow that is until his car stalled just short of the finish line giving Torfi the win with Jason Baer second. Morrow crossed over third.

There were 10 entries in the UTV Youth 170 6-8 Beg class. On the start it was Aiden Coots taking control with Hudson Doyle second. On lap three Landon Holtz moved from third into the lead. Once out front he headed to the win with Coots second and Cassidy Walton was scored third. In race two Aiden Coots jumped out early and was not challenged taking the win. Kaiden Johnson started 9th and moved through the pack to finish second with Cassidy Walton third.

George Llamosas took home wins in the UTV Stock and UTV Production 1000 events.

The UTV Stock class had nine entries but George Llamosas took off from the start and was never challenged to take moto one. Brian Ferrell was second and Cash Morris third. In race two it was again Llamosas taking the win but this time he had Brian Ferrell within striking distance throughout the six lap race. Ferrell earned second and third was Ryan Bedoya having started in fifth.

The UTV Sportsman Open event had three entries but only two took the track with Ryan Bedoya taking the win in both motos. Kaleb Montes was second.

Eight cars took the track in the UTV Production NA 1000 class which ran seven laps. George Llamosas jumped out early and pulled away from Wayne Matlock. Llamosas held a comfortable lead while Matlock was feeling pressure from Cruz Bichard. Llamosas would take the win and Matlock earned second with Bichard a close third. Moto two was a completely different race. Geroge llamosas took the early lead with Matlock second and Bichard third. The order changed on lap four as Bichard took over the lead with Matlock second and Llamosas third. At the checkers it was Cruz Bichard taking the win and Llamosas has moved into second ahead of Matlock.

The UTV 570 Open had two entries. Racie Moore would take both moto wins with Lance Sutton second in moto one then DNS moto two.

Hudson Nicot was 2-1 to take the overall UTV 170cc 9-12 Beg event.

Seven entries in the UTV 170cc 9-12 Yrs Beg class saw Baron Daniel take the early lead in moto one. Daniel would loose the lead on lap p two to Hudson Nicot. Starting seventh was Desiree De La Cruz who moved into second behind Nicot. A couple of laps later De La Cruz would take control of the race but had Nicot pressuring. On the white flag lap Nicot was able to make the pass on De La Cruz but she would retake the lead for the win. Nicot was a close second and Baron Daniel finished third. In moto two Hudson Nicot took the win after chasing Baron Daniel for several laps. Daniel would hold on for second with Samuel Gibbs third.

The UTV 170cc 6-12 Yrs Nov class came out with five entries. In moto one it was all Ryder Barnaby taking the early lead and holding on for the win. Second was Landon Morrow and Nixon Nagel finished third. It turned out that moto two was a repeat of moto one.

Jacob Williamson dominated moto one of the UTV 170-250cc 8-14 Yrs group. He was followed across the line by Nixon Bagel. Hudson Nicot earned third after battling with /Samuel  Gibbs most of the race. In the next race the finish order remained the same with all three running in order from the start.

Lalo Romero took charge early in the Quad Novice event and was not challenged throughout the race. Second place Zachary Yarbrough started in fourth and took a couple of laps before moving into position ahead of Jessica Hill. In the next race it was Jessica Hill taking the early lead with Yarbrough second and Romero third. Yarbrough and Romero moved ahead of Hill on lap two and the two battled back and forth for the elad throughout the race. At the checkers it was Romero that saw the checkers first with Yarbrough second and Hill third.

The Quad Int event saw Devin Vestal take repeat wins. Vestal would start fourth in moto one but moved to the lead from Lance Lewis by lap two. Shane Doyle was second and Tristan Baker third. In the following race Vestal took control from the green with Doyle second, Lewis third and Baker was fourth.  Lewis would hold second until leaving the race on lap seven. At the finish it was Vestal winning, Baker second and Doyle third.

Anthony Baxter was 2-1 for the overall Quad Expert win.

Anthony Baxter took home the overall Quad Expert win but had to battle in both motos with Bill Markel or Cody Roberts. In moto one Joshua Picos took the early lead with Markel second. Markel was able to take charge of the event in lap two and held off Baxter for the win. Joshua Picos would take third. In race two Baxter would get past Cody Roberts for the lead and then those two would swap the lead on more than one occasion before Baxter made the final pass on the last lap. Joshua Picos would take third behind Roberts.

Susan Baxter earned top honors in the Quad Beg class by taking both moto wins. Carly vestal was second and David Gonzales third.

Connor Hastings won the overall Quad 90cc event having placed third in moto one as Zaine Flagg won with Madeyln Copenhaver was second. In moto two Flagg DNF and Hastings took the win over Copenhaver.

In the Quad 70cc class Cadence Copenhaver won both motos over Jasper Hill.

Cyle Copenhaver was the lone Quad 50cc entry.

In the Quad 30+ All class Kenny Kalbfleish won the overall from Vallen Harris. In moto one Harris win but the deciding moto was won by Kalbfleish.

Connor Hastings took repeat wins in the Quad 250 class over Zaine Flagg. Flagg would be credited with second overall and third Cole Copenhaver.

In the JR 2 Trophy Kart race Charlie Carty would take the win in both motos going wire-to-wire, Karsyn Ferrell was second and Brody Glaze third.

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