GBC Short Course RD 2

Round 2 of the 2022 GBC UTV/Quad/Trophy Kart Short Course Series was held at Glen Helen Raceway 2/26/22. The race took place on the short course truck track which had a total of 19 different classes providing all age and skill levels a competitive venue. Event sponsor GBC Performance tires is part of Greenball Corporation who provides a wide range of tire sizes and treads to the recreation and farming markets. Round 3 of the series is set for March 26.

In the UTV Prod NA 1000 class, Nic Granluad and Cole Gamma, both in Yahama’s, provided most of the action. The two battled in both motos with Granluad taking the top spot after his 1-2 finishes. In second place was Gamma who made a last turn pass in moto two to win the moto for second overall with his 3-1 results. Finishing third was Brock Hammer with a 2-5 showing on the day.

Cole Gamma came back out in the UTV Stock class that had 14 entries earning the overall win with 2-1 finishing places. Brock Hammer earned second with his 1-2 results. George Llamosas was consistent with 3-3 postings.
Nich Granluad got himself another win in the UTV Sportsman Open class besting Kaleb Montes in both motos.
Topping the podium in the UTV 170-250cc 8-14 Yrs class was Jacob Williamson after wining both motos. Taking second in both was Trevor Lee with Jackson Mandle third.

Hunter Nicot proved un beatable in the UTV 170cc 9-12 Beg class taking both motos from Jameson Froman. Kaleb Montes finished with a pair of thirds.

Landon Morrow won the UTV 170cc 6-12 yrs Nov event besting Nixon Nagel in both motos.

There were nine entries in the UTV Youth 170 6-8 Beg class that saw Brianna Walton take the win in both motos. Dylan finley earned second overall with his 3-2 results and Jameson Mandle was third finishing with his 2-3 showing.

Eleven entries lines up in the UTV Youth Stock 170 event that saw Ian Torfi take the checkers in both motos. Kaleb Montes was second with his 2-2 results. Ryland Gaughan was third overall with his 3-4 effort.

A total of nine different Quad classes entered. Glbert Flores took home top honors in the Quad EXP class with repeat wins. Second in class was Tyler Faltinesky after posting 4-2 results. Joshua Picos was third after racing 2-4 in the motos.

In the Quad INT class Tristan Baker took home repeat wins in the motos earning overall. Second was Lance Lewis with his 2-3 results. Devin Vestal was third after finishing 4-3 on the day.

Alejandro Gonzales won the Quad Novice event with his 2-1 results. Angle Vargas was second after placing 1-2 in the motos. Howard Tresville finished third after placing 4-3 on the day.

In the Quad 250 action Zachary Yarbrough won both motos while Cole Copenhaven was second with his 2-2 results. Zaine flagg was third.

Pete Garcia took repeat wins in the Quad 30+ All event. Vallen Harris took the second spot after placing a pair of deuces. Scott Melville earned third with his 4-3 results.

Susan Baxter took repeat wins in the Quad BEG class and Carly Vestal was second with 2-2 postings. Aaron Lara was third after placing third in moto one but DNF moto two.

Riding in the Quad 90cc class Madelyn Copenhaver took home the win with her 2-2 results. Zaine Flagg was 4th in moto one then won round two to earn second overall. Braden Chase finished third with 3-3 results.

Taking both moto wins in the Quad 70cc class was Ethan Witherell. Second was Cameron Urias, going 2-2 on the day. Hayden Urias was third with 3-3 results.

Cyle Copenhaver was the only Quad 50cc rider.

Drake Bitetti took repeat wins in the MOD Tophy Kart class over Travis Jones. Jones DNF moto two.

In the JR 2 Trophy Kart class Charlie Carty took repeat wins over Karsyn Ferrell.

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