GBC Short Course RD 7

Round 7 of the 10 scheduled GBC UTV/QUAD/Trophy Kart Short Course races held at Glen Helen Raceway has the season long points battle tightening up. Most championships are still up in the air but a few of the consistent ones effort is paying off. Round 8 of the series is set for Oct 22 in Victorville, CA.

Charlie Carty again dominated in the JR 2 Trophy Kart event by taking back to back wins over Karsym Ferrell. The two lead the series with Carty earning 150 after missing Round 3 and Ferrell has 122 for the season. Kylee Collinsworth is currently third with 65 points.

In the Mod Trophy Kart action Dane Culver came out the overall after finishing second to Maverick Openshaw in moto one but Openshaw DNS moto two giving the win to Culver. For the season Openshaw has earned 47 points to lead the series. Second is Drake Bitetti with 43 and Dave Culver is third with 25. The Mod Kart has run only in three events this season.

Zaine Flagg is the current Quad 250 points leader holding 140 points over Connor Hastings with 133 earned. Cole Copenhaven is third with 64. Hastings was able to close the points gap during this event by taking the checkers in both motos over Flagg.

Hector Urias was the only Quad 30+ All entry this event which may be due to Vallen Harris dominating the class with 138 points earned over Roy Bloodword holding 50 and Urias earning 47 so far on the season.

Jasper Hill has improved as the season progressed to earn him the points lead with 132 in the Quad 70 class. Cadence Copenhaver is second with 88 and Ethan Witherell third with 72. Hill must have scared off his competition as he was the only entry at this event.

Connor Hastings and Zaine Flagg have battled in the Quad 90 class all season. The battle raged again in Round 7 with Hastings winning both motos over Flagg. The two are expected to continue their battle for the championship as Hastings leads with 168 over Flagg’s 146. Madelyn Copenhaver is third with 91.

In the Quad Beg class the points are close as Carly Vestal has 138 and second place Susan Baxter has 122. Third is Devin Vestal earning 25. Devin Vestal was the lone entry earning the overall win.

In the Quad Exp 1 division Joshua Picos has made every race earning him 147 overall points. Anthony Baxter had missed a couple of rounds but is holding onto second with 118 total. Gilbert Flores is third with 90. Two racers showed for Round 7 with Gilbert Flores taking both motos. Joshua Picos was second.

Devin Vestal won both Quad Int 1 motos Saturday with Lance Lewis taking second. Vestal overall leads the series with 159 points earned over Lewis’ total of 138. A close third is Tristan Baker (123).

On Saturday the Quad Novice 1 race finish order was one, two three in both motos with Lalo Romero taking the win over Zachary Yarbrough and Jessie Hill was third. Overall points is a close match between Zachary Yarbrough 109 and Jessie Hill second with 84 points earned. Jessie Sanchez is third with 65.


The UTV 170cc 6-12 Yrs Nov series has been a close battle between Landon Morrow and Ryder Barnaby all season so no surprise when the two went one-two in both motos Saturday. With three races to go Landon Morrow leads the overall with 162 points and Ryder Barnaby has 136. Third is Ryland Gaughan.

The UTV 170-250cc 8-14 yrs has Jacob Williamson leading the series with 147 to second place Hudson Nicot’s 107 points. Third is Nixon Bagel with 94.

Jasson Baer continued his wining ways Saturday in the UTV 170cc 9-12 Beg class by taking wins in both motos over Baron Daniel. Third was Desiree De La Cruz. It turns out this is the closest overall battle with Baer and Hudson Nicot tied with 149 points. Also able to take the overall from the boys is Desiree De La Cruz holding 145 points.

The UTV Prod NA 1000 class boasts 31 overall entries with Cash Morris holding onto a good lead with 106 points to Joe Collinsworth earned 87. Third is Erik Jacobs with 81. In Saturday’s race Chase Carr won both motos as Cash Morris went 2-3 on the day. Jacob Peter was third after his 4-2 day.

Brock Hammer is sharing the #1 UTV Prod Turbo 1000 spot with Sam Nino and Mike Wiedemann. In Round 7 Wiedemann raced against Chase Carr. Carr won moto one but DNS the second giving Wiedemann the win. Overall Carr is fourth.

It looks real good for Kaleb Montes to win the UTV Sportsman Open series as he holds 161 points with Tucker Clabaugh second having earned 38. Mike Wiedemann is third with his 38 points. On Saturday Montes took repeat wins over Erik Cobb. Finishing third was Tucker Claubaugh with his 4-3 results.

Joshua Guillen dominate Saturday’s UTV Stock race by winning both motos. Second was Megan Mitchell who went 2-3 on the day. Jacob Peter had trouble I moto one dropping to fifth but came back for a second finish to earn third. The series battle is a tight three-way one between Megan Mitchell, leading with 128 points. Brian Ferrel holds second with 122 and third is Cash Norris with 121 points.

Aiden Coots started the season off slow but gradually progressed to currently hold the UTV Youth 170 6-8 Beg class overall lead with 160 points. Brianna Walton is holding onto second with 132 points but has Cassidy Walton a close third with 123 points. In the race Saturday Coots again was unmatched going 1-1 on the day. Dylan Llamosas was second after his 2-4 showing. Indigo Bartley-Sheridan was third with 4-3 results.

Ian Torfi is the current UTV Youth Stock 170 point leader having placed second in the first race of the season but winning every event since. He has 170 point with second Ryland Gaughan earning 138 and Jasson Baer is third with 122. AS reported Torfi won both motos on Saturday and Baer was second in both. Desiree De La Cruz went 4-4 to earn third.

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