GBC Tires Round 5

The GBC Stadium Short Course UTV/Quad/Trophy Kart round five was on May 7, 2022 and was again held at Glen Helen Raceway. The event marks the halfway point in the 10 race series. Again the racers were given a completely new Gary Jones track design for the event, with racers saying it was fast.

George Llamsos #88 took home two class wins

Joe Collinsworth currently holds a six point lead (87-81) over Erik Jacobus in the UTV Prod NA 1000 class. Third is Brock Hammer with 77 earned. Newcomer in the class George Llamsos bested all on Saturday with repeat wins. Second on the day was Collinsworth with Syd Woods third.

The UTV Prod Turbo 1000 class is tied between Brock Hammer over Sam Nino since both have won one round each.

Megan Mitchell sets on top of the UTV Stock points with Cash Morris second but only six points behind. Brian Ferrell is in third. George Llamsos upset the leaders on Saturday after winning both motos. Taking second in both was Ferrell and Morris third after 4-2 places.

In the UTV Sportsman Open class Kaleb Montes holds a commanding lead over a three way tie for second between Mason Delgatto, Nic Granluad and Chase Mankin. On Saturday Chase Mankin was able to dominate both motos with Montes taking second in both. Mike Wiedemann was third.

Jacob Williamson is the UTV 170-250cc 8-14 Yrs class leader with Hudson Nicot secont and Nixon Nagel third. Racing Williamson took both motos with Ryder Barnaby second and Nixon Nagel third.

Brianna Walton has a narrow lead in the UTV Youth 170 6-8 Beg class over Aiden Coots (112-110) while third place Cassidy Walton has 85 points. Sixth place overall Landon Holtz won Saturday with 2-1 results. Aiden Coots held second with 1-2 results and Brianna Walton third with repeat thirds.

Jason Baer leads the UTV 170cc 9-12 yrs Beg class with 108-106 points over Hudson Nicot. Desiree De La Cruz is third with 103 earned. During the race it was Baer taking both motos. Fourth overall in points Samuel Gibbs was second and Hudson Nicot third.

In the UTV 170cc 6-12 Yrs Nov class Landon Morrow holds an 18 point lead over Kaleb Montes (115-97) and Ryder Barnaby is third. When racing it was Morrow, Ryder Barnaby and Nixon Nagel in both motos.

Ian Torfi has now won every UTV Youth Stock 170 event this year. Ryland Gaughen is second and Kaleb Montes third. With Torfi winning it was then Montes second and Jason Baer third in both motos.

In the JR2 Trophy Kart class Charlie Carty holds a commanding lead in the series 100-65 to second place Kylee Collinsworth while Chris Collinsworth is third. IN round five Caty again dominated with fifth in the series Karsyn Ferrell second.

Anthony Baxter #103 took repeat Quad Expert wins.

Joshua Picos holds a close lead in the Quad Exp class with 85-83 points between him and Tyler Faltinesky. Anthony Baxter is in third with 68 earned. In round five Baxter and Picos were the only racers with Baxter taking wins in both motos.

Vallen Harris holds a dominate points lead in the Quad 30+ All class with 116 points over second place Roy Bloodword holding 50 points. Pete Garcia is third at 45 points. On Saturday Bloodword won both motos with Harris second in both. Daniel Perez third.

Devin Vestal #218 holds three point lead in Quad Int.

Devin Vestal holds a three point lead over Lance Lewis in the Quad Int class while Tristan Baker is third eight points off the leader. On Saturday Vestal took the overall after his 1-2 results and Lewis was second going 3-1 on the day. Third was Baker 2-3.

Jessie Sanchez holds a two point lead over Alejandro Gonzales after five rounds of Quad Novice racing. Third is Angel Vargas. On race day only Zachary Yarbrough and Jessica Hill showed with Yarbrough winning both motos.

Quad 250 has Zaine Flagg holding a 20 point lead over Connor Hastings (78-58). Zachary Yarbrough is third with 50 points. In round five Hastings put in a hard drive to win both motos. Billy Pointer went 3-2 for second and Bill Pointer was third (2-3).

Quad 90cc series leader is Connor Hastings having earned 118 points and Zaine Flagg is second with 104. Third is Madeyln Copenhaver with 69 totaled. In the race Hastings went under the checkers in both motos with Zaine Flagg second and Cooper Perez third.

Jasper Hill is leading the Quad 70cc class with 13 points over Ethan Witherell (85-72). Cadence Copenhaver sets in third with 63.

Gary Jones track designer, first AMA National MX Champion.

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