Gordon banned from racing in Australia

Robby Gordon was banned from racing in Australia after spinning a few donuts in downtown Darwin. The incident happened after the SST Race last June.

“We had a truck on display, I asked the two security guards, ‘Hey, you think I could flip a couple of doughies?’ They said, ‘I don’t care’,” he said, reported ABC. Turns out an Australian judge didn’t think the showmanship was called for and fined him $4000 (Australian).

Worse yet, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport wasn’t happy about it either and has opted to indefinitely deny Gordon from applying for a Competition Visa.

Gordon reportedly responded: “If that’s what Judge feels is fair, then I’m good with that,” regarding his fine and the twelve-month local driving license suspension he got hit with, but we have not heard him comment on the racing banishment yet.

Gordon was later quoted as saying, “It is what it is, and if we come back next year, obviously no donuts on Mitchell Street.”



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