LOORRS new ticket and registration system

Corona, CA (February 20, 2018) – In yet another effort to improve our series, the staff at the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, presented by GEICO, introduces an all-new online ticketing and registration system for the 2018 season.

While this might initially sound like something that will only make things easier for our drivers, the extensive capabilities of this new system, which comes from a company called Showclix, will have benefits for sponsors and fans as well. “In short, we’ve been trying to improve our online presence,” says series staff member Garrett Geisert. “We picked the idea up from our Lucas Oil track out in Wheatland (at which this series met with great success during its first visit last year),” Geisert says, adding that the personnel there have been using the system for a while now. “Our goal was to streamline the ticketing process and make things easier.”

As of this week, fans will be able to buy tickets online for many of the national series races (tickets for our Mexico, Wheatland, and Utah events will be sold elsewhere). Additionally, fans buying their tickets onsite will now be making those purchases through the Showclix platform. The system allows for a wide variety of uses, including the use of flash sales and group and coupon codes. The series will have the ability to send out a text blast or social media blast with an embedded link to purchase tickets at discounted prices. This has great potential for series sponsors as well, as it could allow sponsors to offer their own coupon codes to their customers. All of this is being done in an effort to improve the fan experience and increase attendance series-wide in 2018.

Beyond the positives for fans and sponsors, drivers will now be able to use the system to register for all race events, including early registration, with the goal again being to streamline and ease the entire registration process. This system will now be the required way for all drivers to get registered.

“The system will streamline things for the teams, and is very user friendly,” says head of Driver Registration Nikki Foutz. “Things will look very similar to the way they were before, with fans using a ‘Buy Tickets’ button on the home page of the website, and teams using the ‘Driver Dashboard’ as they were accustomed to with the old system.”

All of this is a lot of work that’s going on behind the scenes, but which won’t appear much different to those actually using the new system. However, when it comes to making a user experience that’s smoother and more friendly, all of these subtle improvements should be well worth the effort.



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