LOORRS Round 6 in Reno

Rain has dampened the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series throughout 2018 so no surprise when Round 6 being held in Reno July 21 had a two and half hour delay before racing was to get underway. The rain rolled in during qualifying causing fans and racers alike to find cover. Many fans crowded under vendor awnings in hopes of waiting out the storm. Officials announced that they would get back on track by 5pm. Just around 5pm another heavy down pour came delaying all action until 7pm. With the rain gone and the track crew doing an excellent job of getting the track back in shape racing did begin at 7pm. The Reno fans proved their mettle as the grandstands were packed once racing got started. Although the race schedule did get changed around but the fans got to enjoy all classes.

You can read a complete race coverage by clicking on Read the Full article. The event winners were Lake Adler Kart 1, Connor Barry Kart 2, Ricky Gutierrez Modified Kart, Bradley Morris Pro 2 Unlimited, Ryan Beat Pro Lite Unlimited, Eliott Watson Pro Buggy Unlimited, and RJ Anderson Pro 4 Unlimited.



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