LOORRS Round 7 at Wheatland

There were many roads leading to the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series inaugural event at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO. My trip started in San Diego, stopped in Tulsa to visit family and friends, then a short road trip up to Wheatland.
The name Wheatland is a bit misleading as no wheat fields were noticed but plenty of pasture land and hay fields surround the complex. Yes it’s in the country. No matter which way you approach it you will drive two lane country roads to get there. The good thing about its location is the track will be there a long time before “civilization” complains of the noise.
Lucas Oil Speedway is a multi-purpose facility with the 1.3-mile off road track the newest, and longest, addition to the series. Drivers we spoke with liked the nine turn track with cross-over jump and all of it’s other challenges.
Setting in the grandstand it was obvious fans were thrilled with the close-quarter racing action. The event was such a hit, friends I sat with are already making plans for the next event.


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