LORORRS opens 2018 season

Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Racing Series, presented by Kartek, opened their 2018 racing season at Glen Helen Raceway February 17-18. A good turn out of racers were divided into 13 different classes for both days. The event was actually a three day event as the 2017 Awards banquet was held Friday evening.


There were seven TIS Wheels Pro Open in class for the season opener. During qualifying Randy Minnier set the pace with John Gable and Erik Jacobus second and third. When the green came out for race one Minnier would again prove quickest besting Gable and Jacobus. On Sunday Minnier was a no show and John Gable took the checkers with Erick Jacobus second and Yuichi Takahaski third.


Cory Winner took the Pro Lite checkers on Sunday

Ronnie Anderson took home the Fabtech Pro Lite season opener that saw Cory Winner second and Jimmy Weitzel third. Anderson was a no show Sunday that Cory Winner took the win with Trevor Leighton second and Jimmy Weitzel third.


Eliott Watson dominated the Empire Destructive Pro Buggy class with wins on both days.


Weller Racing Sr1 Pro and Pro Am had 10 entries on Saturday then 11 on Sunday. Bryan McCormink didn’t mind the added competition as he took home the number one plate both days. Scott Webster crossed over second on both days.


The Limited Buggy / 1600 Buggy class had repeat winners on both days. Kyle Knott won the Limited Buggy race each day and Gunner Kennedy took repeat wins in the 1600 Buggy race.


In the 12 lap STEEL-IT Prod 1000 class there were eight entries Myles Cheek took the win over Keith Brooks.

Myles Cheek took home Prod 1000 wins in both rounds

Round two the class became the STEEL-IT Prod 1000 / Unlimited UTV / 5150 Whips Production Turbo UTV combined class. Myles Cheek didn’t mind the added competition and showed why he was the reigning class champ by taking the overall win. Kipp Mickels took home the UTV win and Jeremy Merrell topped the Turbo UTV contestants.



Opening day Tim Roberts took home the Saf-T-Co Supply Mini Stock win in the 10 lap race. The following day Ryan Venegas took the checkers.


Mason Prater took home the Round 2 Karting Experience Modified Kart win

A total of 17 Bakersfield Karting Experience Modified Karts entered Round One that Luke Knupp would win. Knupp didn’t race the following day that saw Mason Prater take the win. Most consistent in the field was Ricky Gutierrez who crossed over second in both races.


Jett Yantis took the opening AM Ortega J1 Kart event but had troubles the following day when Ayden Ford took the win. Yantis finished 18th.


The combined classes of Mini Open /Bushwacker Open V8 / Desert Buggy saw Yuichi Takahashi win the opening round. Round two was won by Adam Daffner with Takahashi taking second.


Broedy Graham opened his J2 Kart race season with a win but had troubles in round two finishing 13th. Connor Barry won the event after having a dismal 21st finish on Saturday.


In the RZR170 class Chaden Zane Minder took the checkers on Saturday but on Sunday the reigning class champ Travis Sallee took the win. Minder finished fourth.



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