LORORRS Rounds 2 & 3 race recap

Lucas Oil Southern California Regional Off Road Racing Series Rounds 2 & 3 were held at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park April 2nd and 3rd. A full list of results are posted on my Laps with a brief summary of podium finishers listed here.



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In the AM Ortega J1 Kart B Main held on Saturday Brook Jensen took the top spot with Drake Brunette second and Jared Juliano third. At the Sunday event Chance Chrisman won with Hayley Perez second and Michell Dye third.

Brook Jensen
Chance Chrisman







The Production 170 class had eight entries with Travis Sallee winning both Saturday and Sunday events. Taking second both days was Jessie Owens and Ethan Groom took third both days.

Travis Sallee







A full field of 21 Karts raced the J2 Kart program with Connor Barry taking wins on both days. Bronsen Charamonte placed second on Saturday with Lane McDonald taking the spot on Sunday. Third place finisher on Saturday was Nicholas Plemons with Madix Bailey crossing over third on Sunday.

Connor Barry








A total of 10 lined up for the combined Mini Open / Open V8 / Desert Buggy / MiniLite event with Kipp Mickels taking the overall win on Saturday and Ryan Frisby winning the next day. In Round 3 the two traded places with Ryan Frisby winning and Kipp Mickels crossing over second. Both days Brent Fooch finished third.

Kipp Mickels
Ryan Frisby







The Mickey Thompson Mini Stock class had nine entries with Tim Roberts taking the checkers on Saturday and Daniel Ferdon winning Round 3. Scott Johnson was consistent with his pair of second places. also taking repeat position was Brielle Cunningham taking third both days.

Tim Roberts
Daniel Ferdon







Luke Knupp dominated the AM Ortega J1 Kart class taking repeat wind on the weekend. Caden Coombs was second on both days and Holden Charamonte was third in Round 2 and David Gasper was third Round 3.

Luke Knupp








There were 18 Titan Electric Modified Karts entered. Trevor Briska won the first day with Hailie Deegan taking the checkers on Sunday. Brody Eggleston was second behind Briska on Saturday while Briska was second behind Deegan on Sunday. Nathan Barry and Ricky Guitierrez were the third place finishers.

Trrevor Briska
Hailie Deegan







In the Walker Evans Production 1000 / GMZ Unlimited UTV combined class a total of 26 UTVs took tohe track. Once the dust settled it was Dustin Nelson taking the win both days. George Hammel was second during the first race with Corry Weller taking second on Sunday. Brad DeBerti finished third both days.








The Limited Buggy / 1600 Buggy class was won by Kyle Knott on Saturday and Mason Cullen won the following day. The two traded spots on Sunday with Cullen taking the win and Knott second. Brock Livesy was able to take third both days.









In the Weller Racing SR1 battles Corry Weller won both days with Dustin Nelson second in Round 2 and Brandon Kilgore second in Round 3. On Saturday Brandon Kilgore was third and Dustin Nelson was third Sunday.

Corry Weller








In the Tomar Offroad Pro Buggy sponsored event Eliott Watson was able to hold off Kyle Aarup for the win on Saturday. The following day Aarup took the top podium spot with Bud Ward second. Matt Cullen was able to take third both days.

Eliott Watson
Kyle Aarup






A field of 11 Fabtech Pro Lite’s took the track with Christopher Polvoorde taking the win on Saturday and Brad DeBerti winning the following day. In both races Cory Winner was second. Brad DeBerti was third in Round 2 and Trey Gibbs was third Sunday.

Christopher Polvoorde
Brad DeBerti







In the PAC Springs Pro open Luke Johnson took the checkers on Saturday with Adam Daffner winning Sunday. Behind Johnson was Adam Daffner and Jeff Obering was second Sunday. In the first race Obering had finished third then Todd Cunningham finished third Sunday.

Adam Daffner

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