Lucas Oil Glen Helen (2013)

Pro 2
The Saturday qualifying Pro 2 session saw Brian Deegan set the quickest time of 48:323 besting Rob MacCachren’s time of 48:340. Yep, that is a difference of only 00.017 seconds separating the two around the .8-mile circuit. Robby Woods, Bryce Menzies and Carl Renezeder rounded out the top five qualifying spots. As we know qualifying is one things and racing is another. When racing got underway sixth place qualifier Marty Hart took command of the pack. Hart had Renezeder pressuring his every move and Woods and Menzies were looking for anyone to make a mistake they could capitalize on. Little happened in the way of leader changes through the first half of the race. After a caution restart MacCachren, who had been fifth, was able to slip into fourth ahead of Menzies. Just as the pack was getting up to speed Renezeder and Woods got together in turn two and spun out. A couple of laps later Mike Porter created another yellow causing the pack to get bunched back up. On the restart Menzies was able to move up and challenge Hart for the lead and finally made the lead his in turn four. With one lap to go Brian Deegan and MacCachren tangled spinning Deegan out. Up front Bryce Menzies took the win with Marty Hart having to settle for second. Robby Woods crossed over third and Austin Kimbrell was fourth.

During round 10 of the Pro 2 series qualifying Brian Deegan again showed the other 17 drivers the quickest way around the track. Marty Hart qualified second with Carl Renezeder third fastest. There was no inversion for the race so Hart and Deegan shared the front row. When the green flag came out Hart reacted quicker than Deegan and led the field around the first lap. In fact the entire race ended up being a very fast version of follow the leader with Hart setting the pace. Brian Deegan was second and Carl Renezeder third. Robby Woods had third but Rob MacCachren was able to make one of the rare passes in the race to take third. The race order didn’t change for thirteen laps. They were fast laps with constant pressure by each of the drivers but no one made a mistake until lap 13. Renezeder had got back into third and while powering through turn two Renezeder got sideways and MacCachren, running a very close fourth, had nowhere to go and was caught up in the spin. With these two trying to collect themselves Woods took over the third position and Greg Adler took over fourth. Renezeder got going in seventh and MacCachren was tenth. Marty Hart went on to take the checkers with Brian Deegan second. Robby Woods finished third with Greg Adler just missing the podium.

Pro 4
The Pro 4 class lined up 11 trucks strong for Round Nine of the series. Sharing row one were the two fastest qualifiers Carl Renezeder and Rob MacCachren. During the warm up lap MacCachren pulled into the hot pits and had to return at the back of the pack just before the race went green. On the start Renezeder drifted wide in turn one and Kyle LeDuc came from his second row starting spot to take charge of the event. Also getting past Renezeder was Eric Barron. Renezeder lasted three laps before pulling off ending his race. Soon after Cory Weller had stalled in turn three bringing the action to a crawl before her truck could be removed. On the restart Barron cut inside turn three to take the lead away from Kyle LeDuc. Moving through he pack almost unnoticed was MacCachren who had moved into third. On lap 11 Kyle LeDuc made an attempt for the lead but suffered a mechanical problem causing him to retire. This gave MacCachren second place and after a couple of laps moved around an ailing Barron who also had to retire. Rob MacCachren had taken over the lead but had a hard charging Greg Adler on his tail. Just before the white flag came out Adler was able to find an opening inside of turn five to take the lead from MacCachren. At the finish line Greg Adler crossed under the checkers first with Rob MacCachren second. After both Kyle and Todd LeDuc had left the race with mechanical issues their dad, Curt LeDuc, held on for the final podium spot. Jerry Daugherty was fourth.

During Round 10 Rob MacCachren’s crew had worked out any issues he had with the new 4-wheel drive and set quick time ahead of Carl Renezeder. Due to an inversion those two sat on row two with Eric Barron and Kyle LeDuc taking off from row one. On the start Renezeder broke something right out of turn one causing a restart. Kyle LeDuc took charge with Ryan Beat second and Todd LeDuc had moved into third. The front two were able to pull some distance on Todd LeDuc but he company from his dad Curt LeDuc. The order changed a couple of laps later when Todd LeDuc was able to get inside of Beat in turn three. Soon after Eric Barron, after moving into fourth, would loose a wheel in turn one causing a yellow as he had to be towed off. On the restart MacCachren was able to take third. MacCachren had both the LeDuc brothers ahead of him and Curt LeDuc was in fourth. A lap later MacCachren came out of turn four ahead of Todd LeDuc who must have been loosing power as he started falling back. Curt LeDuc didn’t get a chance at taking his son’s spot as he lost a wheel in turn three ending his night. Up front was a real dog fight between Kyle LeDuc and MacCachren the two were nose-to-tail with MacCachren showing him a fender every chance he could. This battle would end on the last lap when MacCachren had set up to cut underneath LeDuc in turn four and Brandon Briley, now in third, thought MacCachren was going wide and dove into the same opening MacCachren was headed and clipped MacCachren’s rear fender spinning him out. The two were able to get going without being passed by Todd LeDuc. Kyle LeDuc won the event with Briley crossing over second and MacCachren third. However at the podium Briley found out he had been black flagged for rough driving and moved down a lap putting him fifth. The order changed with Kyle LeDuc winning and Rob MacCachren second and Ryan Beat taking third. Todd LeDuc was listed fourth.

Pro Lite
With 24 cars showing up for the Pro Lite class two separate qualifying sessions were run and a Last Chance Qualifier was ran each evening. Kyle Lucas took the checkers in the first LCQ moving him and second place Chris Lawrence into the Saturday night main. A full field of 20 Pro Lites took to the venue with Bradley Morris and current Champ RJ Anderson sharing row one. When the pack was released Morris did the bicycle impression in a turn allowing Anderson to take charge. Morris regained for second and Noah Fouch settled into third. A roll over in turn four bunched the pack back up and on the restart Morris was able to jump ahead of Anderson. Anderson then stalled giving the lead back to Anderson. Another yellow came out and on the restart Morris was again in the lead. This time he was able to hold the lead all the way to the finish line. RJ Anderson crossed over second and third was Sheldon Creed. Casey Currie was fourth. Sunday’s LCQ saw Ray Griffin and Kyle Lucas transfer into the main event. Sunday’s main event looked promising for Bradley Morris and Brian Deegan as they sat on row one to wait for the green flag. Once racing Morris was able to take the lead. The action had just got up to speed when Jimmy Fishback landed wide after the turn one jump, drove up on the earth barrier causing him to flip violently. Fishback suffered a concussion and after being cut from the wreckage was transported to the hospital for observation. After racing resumed there were a couple more cautions but at each restart Morris was able to retain his lead. The heated racing was between Brian Deegan and Casey Currie for second place. These two gave their best impression of two junk yard dogs fighting over a piece of meat for several laps. At the end Bradley Morris saw the checkers first with Casey Currie getting the last pass on Brian Deegan for second. Deegan finished third with RJ Anderson fourth.

Super Buggy
A total of 18 Super Buggies took to the .8-mile course after Steven Greinke had set the fastest qualifying time earlier in the day. When they came out to race Dave Mason and John Fitzgerald made up row one. Bradley Morris and Larry Job sat in row two with Greinke and Geoffrey Cooley making up row three for Saturday’s event. Once racing Fitzgerald grabbed the early lead but things got physical between him and Morris in turn three with Morris exiting the turn in the lead. Morris was quick to distance himself from Fitzgerald and third place Mason was a few cart lengths behind Fitzgerald. The order remained the same until just before the mid-race caution when Cooley shot up from sixth to second. Then on the restart Cooley managed to retake the lead. A lap later Greinke managed to pass Fitzgerald for second. On lap 11 of the 14 lap race Cooley’s race was over and Morris was back in the lead. At the checkers it was still Bradley Morris crossing under the flags first with Steven Greinke second and John Fitzgerald hold third. The following day the race was almost a repeat of the day before. Bradley Morris was able to take the lead when Adrian Cenni went wide in turn three opening the door for Morris. Once out front Morris headed straight for the checkers. In second place Cenni had pressure from Geoffrey Cooley for several laps until Cenni spun in turn three giving up his position and then retiring shortly after. During the shuffle Steven Greinke had managed to get into second and was closing up on the leader when a turn one stalled car brought Morris back to him. On the white/checker last lap Morris was able to maintain some distance from Greinke to take the win. Crossing behind Greinke was John Fitzgerald and Dave Bonner was fourth.

Modified Karts
A field of 20 Modified Karts tested the ability during practice on Saturday with Travis Pecoy setting quick time over Jeff Hoffman. In Saturday evening’s race Cole Mamer took over the lead after following Shelby Anderson for four laps. Anderson had got up on two wheels allowing the pass. While running in third most of the race Pecoy managed to make a pass for second but shortly after had to retire with a broken kart. Cole Mamer was setting a quick pace since taking over but back in the field was Myles cheek who had moved up into second. At the finish Mamer held on for a comfortable win with Myles Cheek finishing second and Brock Heger was third. Shelby Anderson had recovered for fourth. During Sunday evening’s action Preston Roben was able to use his front row grid position to take and early lead with Cole Mamer running second. Mid-race there was a huge dust cloud in turn three and when the racers exited the cloud it was still Roben in the lead but Myles Cheek had moved into second. During the rest of the event Roben had pulled away from second place Cheek and that is how they finished. third was Cole Mamer and Elliott Watson was fourth.

Jr Kart 1
Ricky Gutierrez proved was unstoppable during Rounds 9 & 10. During practice Gutierrez set quick time in both sessions and then came out to dominate during both rounds of racing. In Round nine action Gutierrez was able to hold off the attempts of Daely Pentico who bested Mason Prater at the finish line. In the Sunday evening action Gutierrez again continued his winning ways this time holding Kali Kinsman off for the win. Mason Prater finished third.

Jr Kart 2
Ricky Gutierrez wanted to continue his Kart dominance in the Jr 2 class but found his kart was not up to the task in Saturday’s race. Gutierrez had a bad start and Hailie Deegan took charge of the event. During the 10 lap event there was a three way battle for the lead. When the race was over it was Hailie Deegan holding onto her win with Parker Porter second and Parker Steele third. During Sunday’s qualifying Ryan Carey set quick time with Ricky Gutierrez only .326 seconds slower. At race time yesterday’s winner Hailie Deegan again took the lead with Broc Dickerson settling into second. It looked like a repeat for Deegan until Dickerson saw an opening inside of turn two that he couldn’t pass up. Once Dickerson took the lead he was able to hold on for the win. Hailie Deegan kept her second place with Ricky Gutierrez working his way up to third.

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