Motoshield Pro supports Production 1000 class


MotoShield Pro, an emerging company offering the most innovative line of nano-technology based automotive care products on the market, has joined the Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Racing family as the title sponsor of the Production 1000 UTV class.


MotoShield’s products include Extreme Off Road Paint Protectant, Nano Paint, Wheel and Upholstery Protectants, a new Carbon Fiber Protectant and Ceramic Tint Film. The product line was introduced to the retail market early in 2016 after five years of research and development under basic principles of non-stick, anti-corrosion and waterproofing.


Chief Executive Officer Rick Fung said the sponsorship is the logical next step in raising consumer awareness.


“We’d been testing our products on Ronnie Faisst’s Pro Lite the latter part of last year. That turned out really well, preventing up to 70 percent of the mud from sticking, protecting against corrosion on the bare-framed chassis and significantly reducing the cleaning time. We’ve done a whole bunch of testing (in off road and other series) and the reviews have been fantastic, so we said let’s promote this through the regional series with the grass-roots racers who would greatly benefit from our nano products.


“We need people to be advocators, to try the product and talk about it,” Rick said, and since his company had sponsored the Production 1000 class in a different venue last year it makes sense to do so again. “When we have the grass roots racers using it and talking about it, the recreational drivers and owners will love to use it on their own vehicles.”


The MotoShield Pro Production 1000 class will open its Southern California Regional season March 11 at Lake Elsinore (California) Motorsports Park. Dustin Nelson, Cory Weller and Brad DeBerti were the top three drivers in the class in 2016.



For more information about Moto Shield Pro visit the company website at



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