RD 2 GBC Short Course

The GBC UTV/Quad/Trophy Kart Short Course Series, powered by GBC Powersports Tires, continued its series with Round Two at Glen Helen Raceway on Feb 18, 2023. The turnout for Round Two was a little less than Round One which may be due to the cool February breeze that kept early fans bundled up during the morning practice. The good thing about the cool air was the engines loved it and that added to the racing action. The big event winner was Chase Carr taking overalls in both the UTV Prod Turbo 1000 and Prod NA events.

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UTV Prod Turbo 1000

Chase Carr taking overalls in both the UTV Prod Turbo 1000 and Prod NA events.

UTV Prod Turbo 1000 winner was Chase Carr #913 after keeping Ande Tomei in check in both races. Mark Higham was third.


UTV Prod NA 1000

Chase Carr #913 would take home the UTV Prod NA 1000  win after fending off the hard-charging efforts of Mason Cotter in both motos. Cotter finished second in the class of five entries and Daxton Ruane earned third.


UTV Sportsman Open

Nolan Bishop #32 took repeat wins in the UTV Sportsman Open. In the first race, Bishop was being challenged by Chad Strothers until Strothers accidentally parked on top of one of the concrete barriers. Strothers would get pulled off the barrier finishing the race but DNS the second.


UTV Stock

Megan Mitchell took home repeat wins

Megan Mitchell #44 took home the UTV Stock win by keeping Aadan Aguilar behind her in both motos.


UTV 800-900 Open

Evan Sterling #507 took home repeat wins in the class.


UTV 170cc 9-12 Yrs Beg

There were two entries in the UTV 170cc 9-12 Yrs Beg class. Jaxon Cotter #11 took home the overall win after Grace Shelton’s DNF.


UTV Youth 170 6-8 Beg

Daniel Dominguez #427, Round one class winner, again dominated both the UTV Youth 170 6-8 Beg races to earn top spot on the box. Second was Ean Corona and Dylan Llamosas was third.


UTV Youth Stock 170

Baron Daniel was able to win both

 In the UTV Youth Stock 170 class, Baron Daniel was able to win both motos over Daniel Dominguez.

UTV 170cc 6-12 Yrs

Desiree De La Cruz taking the checkers in both races

A car count of six UTV 170cc 6-12 Yrs lined up and once the dust settled it was Desiree De La Cruz #108 taking the checkers in both races over Baron Daniel. DE La Cruz had also earned repeat wins during Round one. Dylan Llamosas was third in both motos.


UTV 170-250cc 8-14 yrs

Wyatt Cotter #212 was able to win both the UTV 170-250cc 8-14 Yrs events by holding off  Desiree De La Cruz.


Quad Exp

Rob Parson Quad Expert on his way to the checkers

Rob Parson #1731 and Devin Vestal put on a hard-fought battle in both Quad Exp races. Unfortunately for Vestal he was unable to hold the lead in both races and had to settle for second.


Quad Novice

Susan Baxter Quad Novice winner

Susan Baxter #403 came down from Taft, CA, and was able to repeat wins in the Quad Novice class over Jessica Hill. Daniel Perez was third.


Quad Beg

Jesse Cortez #18 was able to take repeat wins in the Quad Beg class over John



Quad 90cc

Grant Hastings leads the Quad 90 series

Grant Hastings #30, Round one winner, again won in both motos over Jasper Hill.


Quad 30+ All

Vallen Harris took repeat wins in the Quad 30+ All

The Quad 30+ All class saw Vallen Harris #q3 win in both motos as his only other competitor was Jesus Sanchez who DNF both races.


Quad 250

The first race for the Quad 250 saw Zaine Flagg best the effort of Connor Hastings. Connor Hastings #45 was then able to fend off the advances of Zaine Flagg in the final moto to take the overall. Having won Round one Hastings now holds the class series points lead.


JR 1 Kart

Representing the JR 1 Trophy Kart class was solo entry Cooper McClellan #269. He wasn’t able to finish moto one but had no trouble in moto two to earn the overall.


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