Red Bull GRC heads to Lousiville

Unlike last month’s course at Memphis International Raceway, which was built within a .75-mile short track, the series’ inaugural Louisville event features a ground-up build designed entirely to the series’ imagination. At .699 miles, this course still has it all: long, fast straightaways, a dirt section, the Joker Lap, and a signature 70-foot jump.

The offset starting grid will send drivers directly into the kinked frontstretch, with the 600-horsepower Supercars going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under two seconds. The slight right-hand Turn 1 will send drivers past the finish line and into the right-left combo of Turns 2 and 3, before taking the right-angle Turn 4 and the acute right-hand Turn 5.

The dirt section begins just before Turn 6, which leads a quick left-left-right combination to set drivers up for the jump. Turns 9 and 10, a slight left leading to a right-hand hairpin, complete the main lap, sending drivers back onto the frontstretch. The Joker Lap, meanwhile, sees drivers continue straight after Turn 6, returning to pavement and bypassing the jump entirely, for what should be a drastically impactful shortcut. But as Chris Atkinson and Cabot Bigham’s contact over the jump in the first lap of Memphis heats showed, drivers will have to persevere long enough to be able to take advantage of it.


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