SST race in Beijing, China



Coming to Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium this weekend, Saturday, July 29th, the Monster Jam superstars plan to deliver on what the Chinese fans want to see most – more freestyle, more racing and more action. Expect the unexpected! Additionally, for the first-time ever in China, Robby Gordon’s High Flying Stadium Super Trucks will be racing during Monster Jam.

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About Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks:

Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks will be featured at the first-ever Monster Jam / SST event at Beijing’s famous Bird’s Nest Stadium. Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks feature high-horsepower trucks (the SST Trucks are crazy little vehicles and if you were to put a NASCAR CUP Car, A Super Cross Bike and a Monster Truck In a shoe box and shook them up a SST would pop out. The SST Trucks race on all different tracks from Long Beach GP, Race of Champions and Adelaide Australia Clypsal 500 and Stadiums,The SST series is heading into Round 8 at the famous Birds Nest Stadium, this is the first time SST and Monster Jam will participate together.



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