SST returns to Australia

Stadium SUPER Trucks and CAMS Reach Partnership

Charlotte, North Carolina (August 21, 2019)- CAMS and SST can confirm today it has executed  a three-year commercial rights agreement with Robby Gordon and Stadium SUPER Trucks, paving the way for the high-flying trucks to return to Australia as early as October 2019.

“The leadership at CAMS has always wanted to see the Stadium SUPER Trucks in Australia, and we are pleased to say that all of our safety concerns and related issues have been fully addressed and resolved.”

Stated CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca.

“There’s never been any doubt about the truck’s popularity here in Australia, and after months of discussions we are pleased to say SST racing is able to resume under CAMS.”

Nathan Cayzer, whom was an instrumental piece in bringing the SST Series to Australia in 2015 will continue to head all discussions around events and commercial partnerships in Australia.

“It is super exciting to be able to have SST return back to racing in Australia under the CAMS banner, an enormous amount of work has gone on behind the scenes for both parties to get to this point. With this positive result it is an overall win for all the supporters and motorsport fans of Australia,” Said Cayzer.

Robby Gordon and Stadium SUPER Trucks would like to thank Mr. Arocca and CAMS for their efforts in making this agreement a possibility and welcoming SST back to Australia under their sanctioning.


2019 Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship Schedule


Round 1: March 23, 2019; Austin, Texas

Round 2: March 24, 2019; Austin, Texas

Round 3: March 31, 2019; No Limits, Texas

Round 4: March 31, 2019; No Limits, Texas

Round 5: April 13, 2019; Long Beach, California

Round 6: April 14, 2019; Long Beach, California

Round 7: July 13, 2019; Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Round 8: July 14,2019; Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Round 9: July 27, 2019; Lexington, Ohio

Round 10: July 28, 2019; Lexington, Ohio

Round 11: August 9, 2019; Lexington, Ohio

Round 12: August 10, 2019; Lexington, Ohio

Round 13: August 23, 2019; Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Round 14: August 24, 2019; Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Round 15: August 30, 2019; Portland, Oregon

Round 16: September 1, 2019; Portland, Oregon

Round 17: TBA

Round 18: TBA

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