Tire Branding

This tire is branded Pro 2 race 3 and belongs to 37 RJ Anderson

Tires are one of a race team’s major expenses. So to make the smaller teams equal with the deep pocket teams Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series limits the amount of tires Pro 2 and Pro 4 teams can use on an individual race. Race teams are allowed 8 tires for a single day race or 12 for a two day event. Fresh tires when qualifying and racing could give teams an advantage so LOORRS brands tires to keep count on the allotted tires.

Mike Mounts (left) and Kellan Chavies are LOORRS tire branders



This branding process is a back aching process carried out by a couple of unsung heroes, Kellan Chavies and Mike Mounts. You can find them on race day out behind the Tech Trailer. We caught up with them at the Estero Beach event but you will find them at all the other LOORRS events wrangling tires. These two wranglers aren’t like cowboys of old that have to rope their prey to brand them because teams bring their tires to them. Then using one of three branding irons they brand the tire with Pro 2 or Pro 4 class to be used in and a special date for the event. If a team doesn’t need the tires at this event they can be re-branded later at another event.

A rule change was introduced in 2019 for all Pro 2 teams to run DOT rated tires. Again, these tires are branded as well to limit the amount of tires used during a race weekend.

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