TORC makes changes to Pro 2 rules


TORC: The Off-Road Racing Championship has changed engine and tire rules for it’s Pro 2 class to create a more accessible pathway through the Pro classes by requiring Pro 2 trucks run a 410ci engine and DOT tires. The rule intention is to make the transition from Pro Light to Pro 2 more affordable for teams. With lower operating cost for Pro 2, sponsors will have the opportunity for their dollars to go further by investing in more teams for longer periods of time.


2017 TORC Pro 2 updates

Engines will now have a capped maximum of 410 cubic inches

Only GM Turbo 400 automatic transmissions are allowed in competition

Only DOT tires available to the general public are permitted in competition


Two-time TORC Pro 4 Champion Ricky Johnson said, “It’s going to make the Pro 2 more affordable for racers and sponsors which will attract ore talent and grow the field, I couldn’t be more excited about these changes.”


The 2017 rule changes will model Pro 4 as TORC’s “innovation” class. Sponsors seeking to showcase their advancing technology and prototype parts can focus on the 900 horsepower action of Pro 4 to put their designs to the test.



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