E-Street MX Short Course Round 2

By Ian McAdam

Round 2 of the 2022 Estreet MX Park Short Course series was a day of good times, good weather and lots of insane action! July 23rd will see round 3 of the Estreet MX Park and Nor Cal SXS series at Prairie City SVRA. The updated point’s totals for every class are now available on www.estreetmxpark.com

170 stock class-

A strong car count with alot of returning names from round 1 made this one of the tightest and most entertaining races of the day. Anderson Porter ans Bentley Dixon were wheel to wheel and door to door the majority of the day but in the main event Porter got out into clean air and was checked out. 

1- #66 Anderson Porter

2-#224 Bentley Dixon

3-#44 Brody Berhorst


A growing division in the Estreet MX Park series sees 2 of the crowds favorite faces back on the podium as well as a youbg lady fighting her way to the top and the win. Grass Valley’s Phase 5 weapon systems backed #428 of Megan Starr pulled a clean sweep of both heats as well as the main. The Shop Coffee and Tea and Papa Murphys Pizza supported #599 of Arnold Gradek fought his way through the 170 class to chase after the #428 of Starr but settled for 2nd place and little brother Barrett Gradek rounds out the podium.

1-#428 Megan Starr

2-#599 Arnold Gradek

3-#278 Barrett Gradek

Youth 1000 (12-16)

Light car count for this class but still tons of action! The Hunt and Sons/ Offroad Vixens/ Triton Mobile Welding entry of Jordan Skaggs in her debut season has show tremendous progress in her driving. Through out the heat races her and the #55 of Bobby Walberg were closer then Maverick and Ice Man until Walberg made contact with the rear of Skaggs during the second heat race side lining him for the rest of the day after a wild flip off the edge of the rhythm section. Meanwhile through all of this the Davis Motorsports backed Dominick Benites drove his own race in the main event to a massive win.

1- #11 Dominick Benites

2-#851 Jordyn Skaggs

3-#55 Bobby Walberg


A new name of the 570 class and another youngster pulling double duty and driving a 170 as well, the Heatwave Visual/ Deadeye Outfitters backed #544 of Brody Berhorst rocking a tribute wrap on his car for the military veterans we have lost, drove his own race and had a fun time chasing after the youth 1000 class  

1000 Sportsmen

The story of this race is one of patience and consistency. Gridley’s #36 of Buck Heyrend has been racing short course since the inception of the series at Estreet MX Park and has shown amazing patience. Witter Springs’s Evan Gradek showed how consistency pays driving from the rear to both heat race wins but Heyrend would not give up. The #36 RS1 fought his way to the front of the main event and earned the win with Evan Gradek in second and the king of consistency Scott Melville taking 3rd place in both heats as well as the main event.

1- #36 Buck Heyrend

2- #734 Evan Gadek

3- #3x Scott Melville

1000 Turbo Sportsmen

The most drama filled class of the day by FAR! Through attrition what started as a 4 man field was thinned down to 1 during the main event. Rumor had it the #1943 of Jacob Watson had to have his entire pit crew chew multiple packs of gum to seal a broken transmission housing to make it out for the main event. Sadly his car only made it for a few laps before expiring.

1-#55 Hunter Golden

2-#170 Dylan Summers

3-#1943 Jacob Watson

Quad A/B

A growing division in the short course class line up showed to be action packed! Quad A saw the number 18 of Nathan Harvey dominate the A class portion of the main event of the #1 of Garrett Gramps. Quad B was a slug fest! Olivehurst’s #22 of Michael Allen rode from the rear of the field up front in the main event and was simply untouchable. Kamren Davis rode his tail off chasing down Allen in the main event and rounding out the podium in a last turn pass for 3rd place Rocklins #818 of Steve Benner slid past Spencer Page.

Quad A

1-#18 Nathan Harvey

2-#1 Garrett Gramps

3- #91 Brooks Page

Quad B

1-#22 Michael Allen

2-#13 Kamren Davis

3-#818 Steve Benner

1000 Pro Turbo

This race that was nick named “The Mexican Stand Off” for the day. The factory Can Am/ No Limit pilot and a man of many motorsports talents the WORCS #1 of Beau Judge absolutely ran away with things. The Myers Construction/ B3 Motorsports backed Mason Myers suffering from belt issues in the heats worked his way past the man behind B3 Motorsports the #42 of Kieth Brooks in the main event and started stalking Beau Judge in the main event. As the laps wound down we saw the #3 of Myers reel in Judge but time ran out with Myers settling for 2nd place.

1000 Pro Turbo

#1 Beau Judge

#3 Mason Myers

#42 Kieth Brooks

And now the hottest most contested class in the Estreet MX Park short course series, the run down of 1000 Pro!

11 entries checked in and 9 made the main event. Seeing the absence of heavy hitters like Ian Murray and Billy Nichols, the pro debut of Dominick Benites, Braden Judge make an appearance, and Mason Myers pulling double duty piloting Cody Myers’s car, AND a bruised and battered Cody Vanderveer from a pit bike wreck, lots of factors played into what is now the closest points race we have ever had, and some of the wildest racing we have ever had. Mason Myers dominated both heat races in brother Cody’s car but ended up loosing 4th gear in the main event. The #995 of “Alabama” Cole Gamma fought his way to the front in the main event and was simply untouchable. Mr Consistency himself the Roseville Motorsports backed #959 of Cody Vanderveer drew a starting position from the rear and fought is way up front to find him in 3rd place and keeping the #22 of Justin Radford in his rear view mirror the entire main event. 

1-#995 Cole Gamma  

2-#156 Braden Judge

3-#959 Cody Vanderveer 



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