GBC 2024 Short Course underway

The 2024 GBC UTV/Quad/Short course series got underway on Saturday, February 17 with a two-day event that concluded on Sunday. The event was held at the Glen Helen Raceway short course facility and drew 60 contestants racing under a light overcast sky with temperatures in the mid-60s. The next GBC UTV/Quad/Short course event is scheduled for March 23.

Event sponsor, Greenball Corporation GBC, has been in business for over forty years and provides tires for the ATV & UTV market as well as tires for Trailers, Light Truck, Farm & Industrial, Golf Cart, Mobile Home, Lawn & Garden along with wheels and accessories.  Greenball Corporate Headquarters, 222 S Harbor Blvd, Ste 700 Anaheim, CA 92805 Customer Service/ Order Desk 800 782-3060.

With two races into the season, Ryan Bragdon leads the class with 47 to Megan Michell’s 40 points.

The UTV Prod 1000 event drew nine contestants and on paper, it appeared a race of one with Jacob Scheidecker taking both wins. Scheidecker did have company from Ryan Bragdon and Megan Mitchell but Scheidecker held his position at both checkers. As the front three cleared from the pack, a tight four-way battle occurred throughout for fourth. At the checkers, Scheidecker crossed first with second on the day going to Ryan Bragdon who finished 2-3 for the day. Megan Mitchell was third. Ryan Sampson had trouble in Moto One finishing 5th then was second in the following race for third overall.

In the first moto Sunday the battle for first was among Ryan Bragdon and Megan Mitchell. When the checkers came out Bragdon drove under the flag first with Mitchell second. Jacob Schiedecker was third. In the second race of the day, Ryan Bragdon and Megan Mitchell provided plenty of racing action. The two swapped the lead in a couple of corners but as the battle wore down it was Ryan Bragdon taking the checkers first. Megan Mitchell was second and Mason Cotter took the final podium spot.

With two races into the season, Ryan Bragdon leads the class with 47 to Megan Michell’s 40 points.

Oliver Golding leads the UTV Prod Turbo 1000 class

Oliver Golding was quick off the line in both UTV Prod Turbo 1000 events to take the overall over Ande Tomei who rolled in the second race. On Sunday the race ended as the day before. Oliver Golding took the checkers in both races when Tomei DNF in race two.

Nolan Bishop was dominant in the Youth 1000 event

Nolan Bishop took the overall Youth 1000 class win having placed second in the first race and then winning Moto Two. Jameson Froman took second overall with his 3-2 results. Mikey Childress won the first race then dropped to fifth in moto two for third on the day. On Sunday’s race, Wyatt Cotter jumped out front in both motos and held the position for the wins. In both races Nolan Bishop was second and third was Jameson Froman.

UTV Sportsman winner on Saturday was Damian Garcia

The UTV Sportsman Open winner on Saturday was Damian Garcia and Michael Burnstein was second. At the Sunday races the two swapped positions in the first race with Burnstein winning over Garcia. Then in the second race, Garcia was second.

Having traded wins the two are now tied on the points.

Keegan Magno leads the class with 50 points

In the Youth 170 6-8 Beg class Saturday Keegan Magno crossed under the checkers in both races for the overall win. Randy Rodriquez would finish the day second overall having placed third in both motos. Tanner Hodge had a DNF in Moto One then came back in the next heat and finished second to earn third overall. The following day Chase Rogers took the first race win with Keegan Magno second. In the afternoon race, it was Keegan Magno that won with Chase Rogers second. Randy Rodriquez was third in both races.

Keegan Magno leads the class with 50 points with Randy Rodriquez and Chase Rogers tied in second with 42 points.

Cailee Scherer won both UTV 170cc 9-12 yrs Beg

Cailee Scherer won both UTV 170cc 9-12 yrs Beg races Saturday with Phillip Pinhero second in both races. The next day Cailee Scherer again won both races with Phillip Pinhero second.

Cailee Scherer leads the class with 50 points over Pinhero’s 44.

Daniel Dominguez took repeat wins in the UTV 170-250cc 8-14 yrs class

Daniel Dominguez took repeat wins in the UTV 170-250cc 8-14 yrs class over Jaxon Cotter Saturday. Listed third was Ricky Rodriquez who DNF. In Round Two Jaxon Cotter got out front early and held for the win over Daniel Dominguez. In the next race the two swapped positions as Dominguez took the checkers with Cotter second. Ricky Rodriquez was third in both events.

Daniel Dominguez leads the class with 50 points over Cotter’s 44.

After two events Michael Scafuto leads the JR1 Trophy Karts

On Saturday Michael Scafuto took home the overall in JR 1 Trophy Karts with his 1-2 results. Second, on the day Pehelope Scafuh had 3-1 results. Emmy Hayes was third finishing 2-3 on the day. The next day Pehelope Scafuh won over Michael Scafuto with Axel Lawrence third. In the later race, Scafuto would take the win with Scafuh second and Lawrence again third.

After two events Michael Scafuto leads Pehelope Scafuh 25-22 in class.


Gilbert Flores went 2-1 on Saturday’s Quad Expert race

Gilbert Flores was the quickest Quad Exp at the Saturday races having placed second in the first race then winning over Moto One winner Auston Baxter. Anthony Baxter was third having put in a pair of third places. The following day things changed as Devin Vestal and Anthony Baxter were the front runners. Devin Vestal would hold off Baxter to take the early morning win with Bill Jordan crossing over ahead of Anthony Baxter for second. In the following race, Anthony Baxter got out front with Devin Vestal in second and they held the positions until the checkers. Bill Jordan finished third.

Anthony Baxter has a two-point lead over Devin Vestal 42-40 for the season.

Kertis Allen was the lone Quad Int rider on Saturday. Then on Sunday Adam Torres gave him a challenge but would see Allen win both motos.

Winning the Quad Novice class Saturday was Christian Vargas having won both races with Carly Vestal crossing over second in both events. Kevin Poch was third overall with his 4-3 results. John Flagg came out strong on Sunday to take both Moto wins. In the first race, he was followed by Chris Williams and Howard Tresville. In the second race, Jillyan Brown followed Flagg under the checkers with Tresville third.

John Flagg leads the series with 41 points over Carly Vestal holding 38 points.

Vallen Harris is the Quad 30+ All points leader

Valllen Harris had to work for his Quad 30+ All win having placed second in moto one to Dion Delgato then coming back to win the next round. Susan Baxter went 3-2 on the day for second overall. Moto one winner Dion Delgato DNF race two. Vallen Harris continued his winning ways Sunday taking wins in both races. Susan Baxter was second and Joel Manzo third in both heats.

Vallen Harris is the points leader with 50 points over Susan Baxter’s 44 points.

Zaine Flagg was the lone Quad 250 rider.

Quad 90cc had only one entry giving Jasper Hill repeat wins.

Colton Flores was the lone entry in the Quad 50cc race.

Dennis Shaw was the lone Odyssey racer.

Brody Glaze was the lone Mod Trophy Kart entry.



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