GBC UTV/Quad at Glen Helen

The GBC UTV/Quad/Trophy Kart Short Course Series event at Glen Helen Raceway, sponsored by Greenball Corporation GBC was held October 14. With the recently added motorcycle event this short course series provided plenty of action for fans and competitors. Similar to motocross the series races two motos at each event.

#33 Auston Baxter was top Quad Expert

Quad Expert class had eight entries and Auston Baxter would take the checkers in both motos. Second was Anthony Baxter and Gilbert Flores was third.

In the Quad INT class the competition was heavy as Mason Delgatto took the first moto win with Tristan Baker second and Zachary Yarbrough was third. The following race Yarbrough took the checkers and again Tristan Baker was second, Moto one winner Delgatto was fourth.

Quad Novice had two entries but Susan Baxter was the only one to finish both motos. Carly Vestal DNF.

Quad 250 saw Connor Hastings take the win in both motos. Zaine Flagg was the other contestant in class.

Quad 30+ All had a lone entry of Vallen Harris.

Quad 90cc had two entries but Evan Mark was the only one to finish both. Grant Hastings DNF.

Quad Beg class was won by John Flagg having taken wins in both motos over Joel Manzo.

Jonah Bishop won both UTV Production NA 1000 motos


A total of eight entries in the UTV Prod NA 1000 class with Jonah Bishop taking the overall with repeat wins. Syd Woods was second for the day with 3-2 results. Kendall Scheidecker was third with 2-3 finishes.

Jesse Johnson won the UTC Sportsman Open event with 2-1 results. Second on the day was Nolan Bishop having placed 1-2 for the day. Karsyn Ferrell was third with 3-2 results.

UTV Stock class had two entries and Joshua Guillen ran away from Homer Eubanks in both motos.

Damian Garcia took home the win in the UTV 170-250cc 8-14 Yrd class with his 2-1 results. Second in class was Desiree De La Cruz who wne t1-2 on the day. KInley Sutton had a pair of third place finishes for third overall.

In the UTV 170cc 6-12 Yrs Nov class Kinley Sutton won the class with 2-1 results. Second was Damian Garcia finishing 1-2 on the day. Desiree De La Cruz was third with 3-3 results.

There were three entries in the UTV 170cc 9-12 Yrs Beg class but Jaxon Cotter was the only finisher so taking the overall.

UTV 570 Open had two entries but Estella Gaddis was the lone finisher.

Daniel Dominguez took repeat wins in the UTV Youth 170 6-8 Beg class over Zola Gaddis in both motos. Third was Phillip Pinhero who was 3-3 on the day.

UTV Stock 170 class saw Baron Daniel win both motos by first beating Grace Shelton and then Ean Corona. Corona placed second on the day with 3-2 results. Shelton was third with 2-DNF results.

David Cincotta took repeat win in the Motorcycle Expert class


David Cincotta took repeat wins in the Expert motorcycle division with Gary Jones second and Tom Vest third.

Kasey Shelton was the lone Int rider.

In the motorcycle NOV class Tommy Leone won the day going 2-1 over Butch Abculee who was 1-2 for the day. Third was Russ Ethridge going 3-3.

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