Race then more rain for GBC series

The 2024 GBC UTV/Quad/Trophy Kart Short Course Series regularly held at Glen Helen Raceway has got off to a slippery start this season as rains have caused delays for the series. Rounds 3 & 4 had originally been set to race in March but had to be delayed until May 4 & 5 due to rain. Round 3 brought out over 100 racers and got in a full day of racing but on Sunday the skies opened up causing Round 4 to be postponed.  The next scheduled rounds will be held June 22 & 23.

Once racing the the JR 1 Trophy Karts saw Penelope Scafuto take repeat wins on the day. Michael Scafuto earned second with 3-2 results to the family teammate. Axel Lawrence posted 2-3 results for the final podium spot.

There were three JR 2 Trophy Karts entered but only two came out to race which saw Taylinn Pike take the win over Luke Dawson.

The Mod Trophy Karts always provide plenty of racing action that saw Travis Jones take the first race win but was not able to start in the second race. Makenzie Montgomery then took the top podium spot with her 3-1 scores. Brody Glaze was second after placing second in both races. Jones was listed third.

Susan Baxter would win the Quad 30+ All class after finishing second to Vallen Harris in race one. Harris DNS race two giving Baxter the overall.

Ethan Lalanne dominated the Quad 90cc class with repeat wins. Second in both motos was Wayne Ward and Jack Amerio was third in both races.

There were eight Quad Experts on track. Mason Delgatto took the first race win but dropped to fifth in race two but earned enough to be third overall. Kory Ellis took the overall win home having finished 2-1 on the day. Auston Baxter finished 4-2 to give him second overall.

Kertis Allen took repeat wins in the Quad Int class over Tyler Keill.

There were three Quad Novices in class. The first race winner was Carly Vestal then finished second to Kevin Poch in race two. Poch had earned to the overall with his 2-1 score over Vestal’s 1-2 showing. John Flagg was third.

Daniel Dominguez dominated the UTV 170-250cc 8-14 Yrs class with repeat wins over Nixon Nagel in both races. Baron Daniel took the final podium spot with his 4-3 results.

Nixon Nagel came back in the UTV 170cc 6-12 Yrs Nov class placing first in both races for the overall. Ryland Gaughan was second in both races and Jagen Feldkamp earned third with his 5-3 results.

The win was swapped in the two UTV 170cc 9-12 Yrs Beg class as Cailee Scherer took the first win and Jacob Vincent took the overall with his second race win. Scherer was second on the podium and Philip Pinhero was third.

Jaxon Fastcash Hood won both the UTV 570 Open races over Mason Watkins.

Jesse Johnson took home the overall win in the UTV Prod NA 1000 by posting a pair of duces on the day. The first race winner was Ryan Bragdon who dropped to fourth in race two but was good enough for second overall. Andrew Cotter was third overall with 4-3 results.

Chase Carr went home the UTV Prod Turbo 1000 class win after repeating wins. Ande Tomei earned second for not starting in race one and then finishing second to Carr. Oliver Golding was third overall with a second and DNS in race two.

UTV Sportsman Open had Kaleb Montes take repeat wins in the class. Going 2-2 on the day was Aiden Coots and Damian Garcia was third after posting 3-3 results.

Randy Rodriguez took the overall UTV Youth 170 6-8 Yrs Beg with 2-1 results. Keegan Magno was second on the day with 1-2 results and third was Tanner Hodge.

Ean Corona won the UTV Youth Stock 170 class having won both races. Randy Rodriguez was second and Larry Shields was third.

The youth 1000 overall winner was Lukas Vincent with his 3-1 results over Kaleb Montes who went 6-2 on the day. Aiden Coots was third with 7-3 results.

In the Quad 70cc class Jameson Lieberg was the lone entry.

There was one Motorcycle Expert signed up so Jeremy Muschell took home the win.

Dennis Shaw brought out his Odyssey and as the only entry took home the win.

Zaine Flagg was the lone entry in the Quad 250 class.





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