Weller rear CV boot guard install

Yamaha Corporation decided not to install rear CV boot guards on our 2016 Yamaha YXZ 1000R so Weller Racing stepped up with their WR Edition Rear CV Boot Guards (part # WR1041) at a mere $35.00 for the pair. Once installed the guards save CV boots from flying rocks and other rubber tearing hazards. The kit is a direct bolt on using original hardware and can be performed by one with little mechanical ability. Installation is simple, following is a quick How To.

  1. Block front wheels so vehicle cannot roll.
  2. Shift transmission to neutral.
  3. Release parking brake.
  4. Raise rear of vehicle high enough to allow removal of both tire/wheel assemblies and support vehicle on safety jack-stands.
  5. Remove tire/wheel assemblies.
  6. Three, button-socket-head, screws attach brake disc backing plate to the hub. Ours were 4mm Allen head, and it will be easier to get at them if you have a long Allen socket to reach the screws. It’s necessary to rotate spindle to allow Allen socket access to two screws on the face of the hub. The third, is on the backside of hub. The mud scrapper is attached to the backing plate so once screws from backing plate are removed the assembly can be removed.
    Button head Allen screws attach backing plate to hub

    Rotate spindle to access front Allen head screws. A long Allen 4mm socket will make removal easier.







7. Remove two Allen head screws securing mud scrapper to backing plate.

8. The CV boot guard will attach to backside of backing plate. Insert mud scrapper through slot in face of the CV boot guard. Use two existing screws from mud scrapper removal to attach CV boot guard and mud scrapper to backing plate.

CV Boot guard attaches to backside of brake disc backing plate using existing hardware.

NOTE: On our install we removed the factory mud scrapper. A rock had previously wedged itself between mud scrapper and inner wheel, since the aluminum wheel was the softer of materials. the rock wore a hole in the wheel.

  1. Install backing plate with attached CV boot guard/mud scrapper assembly with existing hardware.
  2. Repeat steps 6 through 9 on the other side of vehicle.
  3. Install tire/wheel assemblies.
  4. Raise vehicle enough to remove safety jack-stands then lower vehicle.
  5. Apply parking brake and remove blocks previously installed to prevent vehicle from rolling.
  6. Go have a cold beverage and worry less about your CV Boots being damaged.

    The Weller CV Boot Guard will protect CV Boot rubber from flying debris.



Weller Racing 3200 N Delaware Street, Chandler, AZ 85225 phone 480 507 4771 website, www.WellerRacing.com.

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