YXZ rear frame bracket install

The bracket comes with 12.9 grade bolts and is made of 4130 Chromoly steel

Having troubles with rear axles going bad on your Yamaha YXZ 1000R? It could be that the hard racing you have been doing has bent the rear frame allowing axles to be over extended. It hasn’t happened to you yet? Good! If you want to prevent this from happening and not spend hours fabricating a support bracket you might want to contact Weller Racing. Weller Racing has come up with their WR Edition rear frame bracket part number YXZ1024 to prevent the rear frame distortion before it happens.

The bracket is made of 4130 Chromoly and comes with a black powder coat finish. The bracket is designed to fit under the skid plate with no welding required. You will find that some trimming of the frame gussets are required, which a grinder can easily remove. Supplied with the kit are two 12.9 grade bolts to replace the existing lower swing arm mounting bolts. Installation requires reusing existing hardware.

We fear our frame had tweaked a bit as the final alignment required some extra effort to install the final bracket/swing arm bolt.

We had a few hours of racing on our YXZ and think the frame may have been a little tweaked. That is because we had to struggle to get the final swing arm bolt installed. But with a little muscle and just a little slight coaxing with a hammer the install was complete.

Weller Racing shows photos on their website of an install on a bare frame so for those with a complete vehicle, this is how we did it.


  1. Block front wheels so vehicle cannot roll.
  2. Put transmission in neutral and release parking brake.
  3. Raise rear of vehicle high enough for the suspension to fully extend and support vehicle on safety jack-stands.
  4. Remove both rear tire/wheel assemblies.
  5. Remove rear skid plate.
  6. Remove rear shock lower mounting bolt. We did this to give the lower rear swing arm a little play when removing or installing the lower swing arm to frame mounting bolt.
  7. Remove existing swing arm to frame mounting bolt from one side of frame. Save the nut and washers for install.
  8. Position appropriate end of bracket up to swing arm mounting bracket. Note where swing arm bracket gussets will need to be ground out and grind to allow access for Weller bracket. It is recommended to round grounded corners to prevent cracking.

    Grind down the existing gusset to allow the bracket installation.
  9. Once clearance is achieved, install one end of bracket using the new bolt provided with hardware previously removed. Do not tighten bracket bolt until both ends are installed.
  10. Repeat steps 6 through 9 on the other side of vehicle.
  11. Tighten both bolt/nuts on each side securing lower swing arm and new bracket to frame. Before tightening I added a dab of red thread-locking-compound.
  12. Replace each rear shocks lower mounting bolts.
  13. Install rear skid plate.
  14. Replace rear tire/wheel assemblies.
  15. Raise vehicle enough to remove safety jack-stands then lower vehicle.
  16. Apply parking brake.
  17. Remove front wheel blocks.
The stock frame.
The Weller bracket adds side to side frame support.








Weller Racing 3200 N Delaware Street, Chandler, AZ 85225 phone 480 507 4771 website, www.WellerRacing.com.

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